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WP and FB

Friday - 14 August 2009

(Ages since last post.) I have been working on a new install of WordPress as a CMS. I remember when I installed MT here for this blog, took some time, but was relatively easy. The MT forums at the time (2003) were active with friendly people who wanted to help..not just point you to an […]

Home at last

Sunday - 17 August 2008

We had a few glitches and Kaya had to live out side in the heat and smoke while we were gone, but we came home to a good garden:     Harvesting: 4 kinds of summer squash, basil for tons of pesto, eggplants, tomatos, red and yellow potatoes, lots of salad greens. Peppers on – […]

Michael Franti at Reggae on the River

Wednesday - 23 August 2006

6 August 2006 Reggae on the River…is in a new location. I had bought tickets for Reggae and Bruce knowing I would miss one or the other. Reggae lost, I was there briefly on Friday before going to the city to see Bruce Cockburn. I didn’t really like the new layout or space, more on […]

Fall is in the air …

Monday - 29 August 2005

School is starting here, Russel hasn’t lined up all his jobs yet, (teaching Aikido to kids in the local schools) but we know they are there for him. Hurricane Katrina is barreling through the south. This past month went by in a blur. I made it to Reggae, but only Friday for Michael Franti and […]

Survived Reggae .. again!

Monday - 16 August 2004

Fridays line up of music was quite good…very roots for the most part. I did come home (no camping on site for me!) early so I would have the energy to do 2 more full days and nights. Saturday, with a few exceptions, the music was NOT roots, and made me want to leave several […]