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Home at last

We had a few glitches and Kaya had to live out side in the heat and smoke while we were gone, but we came home to a good garden:

july garden
july garden

Harvesting: 4 kinds of summer squash, basil for tons of pesto, eggplants, tomatos, red and yellow potatoes, lots of salad greens.
Peppers on – waiting for them to go red.
Carrots, beets and green beans a bit slow, planted late.
Peaches so heavy breaking the tree limbs, but I have my doubts as to whether they will ripen.

We also made it to Reggae on the River at Benbow, a one day event this year and quite comfortable, good food, good music and a great crowd.

A couple of visits to Eureka,saw “Iron Man” and “Hancock” on 2 separate visits. Got sushi and bought some stuff for the house, including a door for an interior room.

It has been hot and smoky this past week, but we had good cool weather and little smoke for several weeks.

We also got the storage shed cleaned out and BIG NEWS Russel got the electrical water pump to work with our little honda generator… this means that I can pump water from here… no having to go down down below to the holding tanks with gasoline to run the pump. (he always does that job)
So this is a good thing, it has been in the process for a couple of years, lots of lines and wires to run between here and there and lots of little issues… but it’s working!!!

I haven’t been swimming all year. Most days I wanted to go up to the Van Duzen River, it was too smokey. And the Eel is so low and full of algae I wouldn’t put my toe in it.

And that’s about it for now. I will leave you with Bucky-boo…
who is sporting a much larger rack now than when this was taken a few weeks ago!!



The holiday season brought with it winter weather. From freezing temps and water lines to snow to hurricane force wind and rain back to freezing again. There has been some sun in there as well, but weather is dominate this year.


A murder of crows:


With so many gray dark days I haven’t had as much power as I would of liked. But mostly the big storm was just a windy event that took out our internet satellite tria.. the dish was ok.. and that took a few days to get replaced. We had a few small water leaks where it shouldn’t be issues too. Still have a couple of those.

Solar Power is wonderful to have though. So many people here and across the state were without power for days on end. We were warm (wood) and had lights and phone and internet and directv most of the time 🙂 Being off the grid does have its advantages.

Dad is not going to get full range of motion back into his left shoulder. The pain is getting less and they are planning a vacation to white sandy beach for a week here soon. So that is good. Meanwhile, I really need to plan the Michigan trip for the summer now. With all the news of airline mergers and prices going up, I don’t know whether to wait or book soon??

I have been archiving and jacketing dozens of live Bruce Cockburn shows that have been sitting here waiting for that for a couple of years!

I also got the Ion Cassette Tape to PC and the Ion turntable to PC. I have only used the cassette to PC so far.. finding out that many of the cassettes I wanted to get onto cd are just too far gone to be worth the time. I fear how the albums may sound!? But it’s a project that I have wanted to deal with for many years.
Hopefully by spring it will be done and new space will appear in this small house 🙂 [not done yet!]
Then I will tackle the vhs to dvd tapes that I want to keep and get rid of or store somewhere out of the house the rest.

Went to Eureka last week and we saw Cloverfield. A monster movie.
Doesn’t really live up to all the hype and yes it has all been done one way or another before…yet it was gripping edge of your seat 90 minutes of ..”What is that!?” Great monster.. 🙂


Finally.. a bit of time

It’s been a long time since the last post – Sorry! We’ve been just so very busy.
The trip to visit family in Michigan (lawns and lawnmowers was a constant theme) was a good one.

Dad & Sue's back yard- where I grew up

Dad and Sue are good and everyone seems to be doing well.

Dad & Sue

We had a family gathering picnic at a quiet little lake:

at the lake

We caught the fireworks:

Manchester fireworks
Manchester fireworks

It was very pleasant weather the first week or so, had a full on thunder and lighting storm which helped keep the temps down, then of course the last several days were 95 degrees with a 85% humidity!!! How can anyone live like that? Wiped me out totally.

The flight home was a bit strained, perhaps I will talk about that at a later time.

And when we got back to California, it had been in the 100s for a week and basically still is (2 weeks later). We have been working at the house as much as we can. I have half of the kitchen/dining/living room plywood sub floor wood filled in the nail holes and seams, I have bought the (ugh) oil based paint with polyurethane in it to paint it. So I need to finish the wood filling, sand, vac, and then paint..on a day that doesn’t get over 90 degrees! (This is a long hard job and have working at it for weeks.)

Any way, once it is painted, it is a washable surface! and I can start moving in the flea market furniture I bought last month and finding homes for things..and start the moving out of the ‘town-house-office’ scenario.

I have also spent a few hours trying to decipher both DirecTV and DishTV services, and Starband and DirecTWay… geez what a mess, but I think I will go with Dish for TV and use my current ISP on the funky phone lines at the house for awhile. If internet is too painfully slow I will look into one of the Satellite ISP’s then.

Me and Russel at the Fair parade in Michigan:

bobbi and russel wisby

Yesterday was our 10th anniversary (15 years together).. we spent the day in Eureka to get out of the heat and shopped and ate and saw a great movie: Batman Returns.. check this one out, I liked it better than any of the past Batman movies, it was just full of great acting and story line.

And now, it’s getting ready to Reggae on the River time… next Thursday – Sunday.

I think we will go out to the house tonight and stay there until Sunday, next week will be full of Reggae and trips in and out the land, so this week end I hope to make great progress on my projects and Russel has been cutting and splitting wood for next season, and has lots more to do. Once I am at the land I never want to come into town. Once we have some entertainment like Dish TV and my computer there, well coming to town will be errand day and laundry and shopping and that’s about it.

Gotta go jump in Linda’s pool..it’s over 95 in the house in town right now.


Another Birthday Past

Solfest – Bruce Cockburn

I finally had the time to put up a new front page at the Cockburn Project. I still have about a dozen or so good pictures that I will put up here and on my gallery.

Also had a birthday on the 11th.
Russel says I am finally playing with a full deck *lol*.

What other significance does ’52’ have..? Well, I was born in ’52 and there’s 52 weeks in a year, that’s about all I can think of.

We had a good day, rummage sales in Ferndale, movie (Cellular***) in Eureka and chinese dinner in Fortuna at the Hunan.

I also got a vhs tape of the Solfest show! It’s a bit shaky but the sound is good..and I used it to transcribe all the song comments for the piece I did for the Cockburn Project.


Growing & Changing

I just made a whole long post with pictures and all… and lost it 🙁

This will be the quick and dirty style: – still learning the new system,printer,scanner tons of software, learning new work flows, ps7, and so much more:

computer set up

On another note, Frank Doran Sensei, Russel’s Aikido teacher from the bay area was here for an Aikido retreat.

Frank Doran and Russel Wisby

The potluck was held at a truly beautiful home, this is a shot of the stairway leading to the house:

Dazey's Bridge

And in case you were wondering, the Agave , is starting to open up:

Agave opening
Agave opening close up

I need to take some pictures again soon, more is happening. I noticed today when we drove by after coming down from Eureka. We saw “The Day Before Tomorrow”. Great special effects, ok story, not as sappy as it could of been and not as good as it should of been. The premise being greenhouse gases/ the Green house effect/ global warming / melting of polar ice caps/ super storms/ …all caused by ….. yep burning of fossil fuels, which they didn’t mention. Too bad. I read a book a few years ago about these storms, it doesn’t seem that unlikely to me. The way the weather has changed in just my 50 years is astonishing.

I also spent over a week at the land house without coming into town at all.
Testing the waters, seeing what I would need to make it really livable, if there was no town tiny house rental.

Yep, this is a long entry.
On a more personal note here, over the last month or so, I have seen bloggers disappears.. for some reason it tweaks me.

Then Movable Type did it’s new pay-for model and the forums over there really changed. A lot of long-time power users bailed. Some seem to have just gone away.

As I mentioned in this post,Tech Tv is gone. Call For Help is gone. Screensavers has become a gamers only show it seems. I learned a lot from these shows and miss them, especially Leo Laporte.

Now my favorite forum is blowing up it seems. This really bums me out. Some of my most favorite people are leaving. Even though I know these are just online ‘acquaintances’ – I have become attached.
So I guess the lesson here is letting go, growing with change, moving on.

But who will be there to help me on this road of web?
I would never be where I am today without this forum.

Yea! to the one that came back, she knows who she is!!