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On My Beat is Live on WP!

All the old content is now updated to WordPress. I have added spam blocking and will be testing commenting. I haven’t removed the old MT site or database yet either, want to make sure all is working good before I do that. I still need to tweak this theme some especially sidebars .. but there is always time to do that!

I will wait for WP 3.0 to come out now before I go to work on my other sites, especially Creationdreams.net.

I hope if you come around here that you will leave a comment.

Ok, it’s painfully obvious to me that I need a different comment form.


Almost ready to go Live ..again

Well I have all but year 2009 posts transferred to this new blog. In doing that many emotions have crossed my mind, some not much fun.

Once 2009 is done, I will need to set up spam blocking for comments and turn them on, test a new gallery short code page and wait till WP 3.0 is done beta testing and ready for prime time before I change this theme, which I am not liking much.

Spring is upon us here, as well as a Bruce Cockburn tour, anad some health issues that I truly hope are resolved quickly and painlessly.

I use Facebook every day..but I am looking forward to longer postings here, and hopefully turn this into more than a personal journal.


Theme Issues

Not really happy with the way this theme and my changes are working out. But I want to get to the transfer of content. I figure that once I have everything transferred to WP, I can then take the time to find or make a new theme that I will want to use going forward.

As I pull more and more content from old MT blog into this WP theme, I realize I need more room and better photo layouts. Especially for anything ‘new’… so this too is just a work in progress!


Odd WP Doings

After working all day yesterday tweaking the style sheet for styling, today after login in I am being taken to an ‘old’ front page of OnMyBeat in MT! How strange as I removed the file from the server and checked that is was still there.

My hosting providers must have done a reboot of some kind and replaced it. Will have to contact Annette and ask, but off to town for the moment.

Oh and I have a ‘jump’ when clicking on the header that just showed up as well. Will have to have someone trouble shoot that one for me.


Much Work Styling Still To Be Done

Apparently I can just write with out adding p tags and just use a enter tab to get a paragraph break.

And many admin settings to tweak before I even start bringing the old content over here.
I sort of like all the colors here, my old blog was very ‘zenish’ and boring.. but in 2003 that was the direction the web was leaning at that time. I am so glad to see a lot of new themes out there that have great graphics.


Migrating OnMyBeat from MT to WP

This process may take a lot of time. [this is now done]
I will try to do this transfer as quickly as possible.
But I still have to get a WordPress theme into place before I start that part. Yes I could of hidden all this, but really how many people really check in here? I hope to change that with a WP install, and comments live again.

I am going to go with this super simple and plain theme to start. I will do some colors/ fonts/ backgrounds/images and such customizing then get to the process of transferring all the posts and images.


What A Year It’s Been

I am glad this year is almost over. It has been hard, in so many ways. With Dad’s illness progressing to death on May 14, and trying to come to terms with that. And then Kaya dying so suddenly it still breaks my heart.

So I am hoping for a new year filled with some fun stuff – not sure just what that will be but starting to plan now!

And I need to port this blog over to WordPress, or at least update the Movable Type version it is running so that I can have comments back. Work has been steady, but frustrating. I have been studying a lot of WP docs and plugins and themes, oh my!

But really if you want to keep in touch, or up with what is going on with me, email is good:

me at onmybeat net will still work

Or come on over to Facebook!

Blessings for a wonderful healthy New Year!