Testing Facebook Feed- Bruce Cockburn

Wednesday - 1 April 2015

I needed to test this on a live site to see what happens. Excuse any dust.
Wow this works out of the box remarkably well! Going to use this on a new site I am working up!

So just 2 more dates in July both in Southern California. First is tonight's gig at the Levitt Pavilion in Los Angeles and this one is free, which I think is a first for us in LA, a free show. Make sure if you're in the Los Angeles area that you get there as it may not happen again. Then Bruce's first appearance on July 26 at the Belly Up. I understand the tickets for this one are selling quickly so don't wait too much longer if you're thinking of coming and we hope you do. Here's one of my (Bernie Finkelstein) favourite songs Pacing The Cage. www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAcqr3MYMmM
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Tuesday night in Toronto. A rare occurrence. A free Bruce Cockburn concert as part of the Pan AM Games. It's at the Westjet Stage at Harbourfront. The show starts at 8:30 but I'd get there much earlier. This doesn't happen too often. Don't miss it !!!


PS: Here's "Peggy's Kitchen Wall" which takes place in Toronto.
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Hi, Bernie here. So Bruce's upcoming July shows are almost here. There's the free show in Toronto that's part of the Pan Am Games. It's a rare chance to see Bruce in Toronto for free. His last show in Toronto in November 2014 sold out almost immediately so don't miss this one. Then he's off to Southern California for 3 shows. We're looking forward to all of the shows. The Belly Up is a new venue for us but we've heard great things. Also we rarely get to that part of California so it should be fun. The LA show is at Levitt Pavillion and like the Toronto show is free so don't miss that one. We are also returning to one of our favourite places to play The Coachhouse in San Juan Capistrano. As always being back at the Coachhouse promises to be a great night so we're looking forward to seeing you there. To celebrate being back on the road here's "Lois On The Autobahn" one of my favourite Bruce instrumentals taken from his last studio album "Small Source Of Comfort".


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    Happy Winter Solstice

    Saturday - 20 December 2014

    I have been lax in keeping my blog up to date, perhaps this winter I will play catch up..but in the meantime I wanted to share this song with you. It does not speak directly to Solstice or Christmas, but does speak to the Light. It was written in 1980, but didn’t get recorded till 2002, and again just this year.
    I won’t keep the sound file up very long.. as it is not mine, but wanted to share it now with all my loved ones.

    The Light Goes On Forever — Bruce Cockburn
    Ottawa, 25 March, 1980

    Shaman clambers up the world dream tree
    Looking for clues about what is to be
    Chants and trances give his spirit wings for flight
    Wings still shackled to history
    The chain of events is broken so easily
    Oh, let me rest in the place of light

    Skull-drum skin stretched tight
    Sends out ripples in the gathering night
    The deepest darkness breeds the brightest light
    Music rising from the bones of saints
    From the pungent smell of sad sweet poems and paintings
    Oh, let me rest in the place of light

    God waves a thought like you’d wave your hand
    And the light goes on forever
    Through the seasons and through the seas
    The light goes on forever
    Through the burning and the seeding
    Through the joining and the parting
    The light goes on forever

    Gypsy searches through the cards for clues
    Alchemist searches for eternal youth
    Human reaching almost makes it but not quite
    The soul strikes out at what the wind blows by
    You live and it hurts you, you give up you die
    Oh, let me rest in the place of light

    Fugitives in the time before the dawn
    Backed up to the wall with weapons drawn
    Like mounted nomads always ready for a fight
    This creature that thinks and so can fake its own being
    Lightless mind’s eye not much good for seeing
    Oh, let me rest in the place of light

    God waves a thought like you’d wave your hand
    And the light goes on forever
    Through the people and through the walls
    The light goes on forever
    Through who obeys and who does not
    Through who gets rich and who gets caught
    The light goes on forever

    Uptight lawyer on Damascus road
    Becomes a nexus where the light explodes
    Concentrated, overpowering sight
    Two way whirlpool churning up all time
    Infinity stoops to touch the human mind
    Oh, let me rest in the place of light

    God waves a thought like you’d wave your hand
    And the light goes on forever
    Through the buildings and through the hills
    The light goes on forever
    Through the struggles and the games
    Through the night’s empty doorframes
    The light goes on forever

    Found on:
    Inner City Front (2002)
    Rumours of Glory – box set Disc 7 (2014) [compilation album]
    by Bruce Cockburn

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      The Journey to and with T

      Monday - 30 June 2014

      What a long strange trip this has been so far. On June 14 I learned my old friend T was facing cancer surgery to remove his prostate & another surgery  to repair or replace a Stent in his right kidney.  He is alone in Florida, & intended to do this whole thing by him self.


      That just seemed wrong to me,  I wouldn’t want to do it by myself,  & I knew he wouldn’t heal as well being alone at home. So the next day I booked a flight (you all know how much I love to fly)..so I could be there.

      We haven’t seen each other in close to 30 years!

      I started the trip from home to Santa Rosa with Russel driving on June 25, then shuttles to SFO forDelta flight to Atlanta. All went good so far & I even had a good seat mate…a graphic designer & coder.

      By now I had ‘been on the road’ for a day & a half. Atlanta flight to Fort Myers was delayed 3 times, gates changed 3 times, and was a 4 hour wait. Got me finally into Fort Myers at 3am. Called for my shuttle to the Hampton…but was told to get a taxi, and they were all gone. But was rescued by Hampton manager who lock ed up and came to pick me up.  By the time I got to my room it was 4:30am and fried beyond belief.


      This is a rough draft part 1 being written in hospital waiting room on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

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        Spring time is Faun time

        Thursday - 12 June 2014

        Every year we watch the pregnant does and wait patiently for her to feel safe enough to bring the fauns up to visit. Today was the first day I have seen them.

        faun2 faun_doe

        I don’t know if these 2 are both hers, or is she is baby sitting for the other doe who was pregnant. They were here together all fall & winter.

        And did I mention that a week ago in the morning, we had a young fox hanging out by our living room slider door. I didn’t get a photo..but it was really beautiful.

        The hills are full of wildlife right now.

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          Look Hooo Came to Visit

          Thursday - 12 June 2014

          Look what we opened the curtain to find yesterday morning! I sure hope he/she makes a habit of coming around. We have a terrible vole problem in the gardens this year.

          barred_owl barred_owl_2014_humboldt barred_owl_tree

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            Bruce Cockburn at the Mateel !

            Monday - 21 April 2014



            When Bruce Cockburn comes to the Mateel Community Center I am elated. This is my community and my backyard, or living room — how ever you want to look at that. This is exciting in so many ways.. being able to experience Bruce with a lot of friends and fans makes it all that more enjoyable and uplifting.. and he rocked and swooned the Mateel Hall and held us in his hands like putty for the whole show.

            What makes this an even more special event for me, was Bruce and I were able to sit and talk with each other for a couple of hours. How lovely that was, and how gracious of him to spend a little time with me. My heart soars.


            We arrived early enough to catch up with Kathy & Riley from Arcata, and a bit later with Russ & Jan, & then so many locals. Taun being at her first ever Bruce show, and Dian, Kate, Brian, Margriet, Alicia, Lily, Liz & Charlie… I would really have to name at least half the folks in the hall. But that made it so much more fun.


            I am not going to go into every song, suffice it to say it was an excellent Setlist. Agnes Patak – Mateel Photo set was there taking incredible photos so I mostly let my camera sit until the after show meet & greet.

            So many people were taking so many photos at the meet & greet signing that I haven’t even seen them all yet.
            But what follows were taken by me or Russel or Jan.. and is a fun way to wrap up what a wonderful night it was for all.

            Russ & Jan

            Russ & Jan

            Bruce Cockburn & Jan Bramlett

            Bruce Cockburn & Jan Bramlett







            What a fantastic night!! Thank you Bruce !!

            I also updated the www.cockburnproject.net with a west coast tour wrap up.. lots of photos.

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              Just Got Bruce Cockburn tickets for the Mateel

              Thursday - 6 February 2014


              Tickets just went on sale for Bruce’s show on April 16 at the Mateel Community Center. This will be a seated show, which will be great for me.
              I am so happy to have Bruce back here in my own backyard! It will be more like having a party with Bruce than going to a concert feel, I expect. I hope to connect with him of course, but one never knows for sure what the timing will be like.
              What can I say? Friends and fans are coming from near and far – I am excited!

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                Fire & Light

                Sunday - 2 February 2014

                Love this Fire & Light company!
                Russel treated me, with the beginning of my collection:


                These are seconds!

                Spent a wonderful sunny day in Arcata then had dinner at Kim and Tony’s and went to Eureka’s Arts Alive. Very fun. Life is good.

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