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Reggae (ROTR) is upon us again!

Thursday - 5 August 2004

Last year I talked about 2003 Reggae on the River after the fact. It seems like every year it gets longer, this year the ‘real’ music starts at Noon on Friday, instead of 4pm. So? That means vendors, especially food vendors should be up and running by Noon Friday….BUT.. from Friday morn at 6am-till Noon […]

Reggae on the River 2003

Tuesday - 12 August 2003

I spent a bit of time validating all my templates and tweaking the new background color. Was ready to upload some reggae pictures when I realized none were very good at ‘capturing’ what reggae was all about, so they will have to wait until i have my photoblog up. [edited to add: Kim Sallaway Photo […]

Too Hot to Think

Monday - 28 July 2003

Too hot to post, sit here or even be… 110 today… it’s still ’98 degrees in the shade’ ala Third World who will be at Reggae on the River this coming weekend. Up and out early tomorrow to go south to Petaluma to see Bruce Cockburn!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lots of Little Things

Sunday - 27 July 2003

Today is Russel and my anniversary, have i mentioned him yet? We have been married 8 years and living together for 12. I got really lucky when I found him, or we found each other, however you like to look at those things. I met him when i was 42, i had never been married […]

Working on the CockburnProject

Monday - 21 July 2003

I just finished posting up a new front page at the CockburnProject. (It was this page. Took most of the day…and it is hot (100) and humid, which it usually isn’t, here today. I am melted and fried. Bruce Cockburn will be in Petaluma, Ca at the Mystic Theater (July 29, 2003) next week. So […]