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What A Year It’s Been

Sunday - 27 December 2009

I am glad this year is almost over. It has been hard, in so many ways. With Dad’s illness progressing to death on May 14, and trying to come to terms with that. And then Kaya dying so suddenly it still breaks my heart. So I am hoping for a new year filled with some […]

Kaya – R.I.P.

Saturday - 29 August 2009

Kaya our loved kitty was laid to rest August 28, 2009. She was my best friend and constant companion for 15 years. She was ‘our kid’. A good kind gentle soul and wonderful kitty. She will be missed more than she will ever know.  


Saturday - 22 August 2009

  Kaya is dying of cancer. This all happened in 2 weeks from noticing anything was wrong. I am devastated. I don’t want her to go. She is uncomfortable at best.   I wonder when if ever I will learn to deal gracefully with loss, cuz right now i am crying and wanting to blame. […]

Home at last

Sunday - 17 August 2008

We had a few glitches and Kaya had to live out side in the heat and smoke while we were gone, but we came home to a good garden:     Harvesting: 4 kinds of summer squash, basil for tons of pesto, eggplants, tomatos, red and yellow potatoes, lots of salad greens. Peppers on – […]

Fall is in the air …

Monday - 29 August 2005

School is starting here, Russel hasn’t lined up all his jobs yet, (teaching Aikido to kids in the local schools) but we know they are there for him. Hurricane Katrina is barreling through the south. This past month went by in a blur. I made it to Reggae, but only Friday for Michael Franti and […]

Flame On!

Monday - 15 November 2004

We are having a beautiful fall, for the north coast. We don’t get the great color changes that many areas of the world get, so we have to make do with the bit that comes our way. A ‘fancy’ type of maple I think. I really like the shape, unfortunately a branch is missing from […]

It is Fall

Sunday - 10 October 2004

Well, I am spending more and more time at my house in the hills. This little town house has has just become a stop over place, with the exception of my computer and refrigerator and maybe more than one tv station, I don’t miss it. We brought, Kaya, our cat who we love, out last […]

At the land

Sunday - 26 September 2004

Back in town for the weekend. Mostly catching up on errands, housework, laundry, but giving myself ‘quality time on the computer as well *lol*’. I did add a few photos to my gallery, EyeSee, there’s some of the dragonfly and a couple more of the Agave. I guess the layout and look of the gallery […]