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Remembering Carolyn

Thursday - 31 March 2011

Today I planted out a Lavender bush in honor of my departed friend Carolyn. Today is her birthday. There you go Swimming deeper into mystery Here I remain Only seeing where you used to be Stared at the ceiling ‘Til my ears filled up with tears Never got to know you Suddenly you’re out of […]

Carolyn passed on today

Wednesday - 31 October 2007

My friend Carolyn passed today.   After 6 hard, harder, and hardest months. I was ‘caregiving’ the last few months. I was also there with her yesterday and got to love her and hold her for a few minutes. Happy Trails Carolyn.. see you on the other side. I am happy she has passed and […]

4:20 Party at Carolyn’s

Saturday - 21 April 2007

I went to a 4:20 party yesterday. I really went to see Carolyn, my friend who is battling cancer. It was a joyful, sunny day, she was surrounded by friends and family and I was so glad to see her. She was one of the group who went with me to see Bruce Cockburn last […]

NYEve day 2006-part1

Sunday - 31 December 2006

Wow, been awhile since I was here. As usual just too busy to post. So, to review the last few months, we (me, Carolyn, Cristin, and Linn) went to see Bruce Cockburn at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma, on November 9. What fun!! It was a sunny drive there and back, lots of girl talk […]