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Remembering Carolyn

Today I planted out a Lavender bush in honor of my departed friend Carolyn. Today is her birthday.

Carolyn Winthers

Carolyn Winthers nov 2006

There you go
Swimming deeper into mystery
Here I remain
Only seeing where you used to be
Stared at the ceiling
‘Til my ears filled up with tears
Never got to know you
Suddenly you’re out of here

Gone from mystery into mystery
Gone from daylight into night
Another step deeper into darkness
Closer to the light

Walked outside
Summer moon was nearly down
Mist on the fields
Holy stillness all around
Death’s no stranger
No stranger than the life I’ve seen
Still I cry
Still I begged to get you back again

Gone from mystery into mystery
Gone from daylight into night
Another step deeper into darkness
Closer to the light
~Closer to the Light by Bruce Cockburn

Listen here:

Loved you.
March 31, 1953 – October 31, 2007


Carolyn passed on today

My friend Carolyn passed today.

Carolyn and Mark

After 6 hard, harder, and hardest months. I was ‘caregiving’ the last few months. I was also there with her yesterday and got to love her and hold her for a few minutes.

Happy Trails Carolyn.. see you on the other side.

I am happy she has passed and yet so very sad that she has gone.


Spring into Summer

The weather has been great.. a bit too hot a few days and then just right. Garden is evolving, put – off chores and projects are getting done.

Went to a healing circle for Carolyn last Sunday. It was an awesome empowering and powerful circle of women. I am so glad to have been invited.

KMUD has a new website, built with Joomla. I was talking with Simon, the station tech manager about all things web and actually felt some excitment in that area again. Perhaps I will get more into it as time allows this summer.

Tickets are purchased for a trip to Michigan to visit Dad and Sue and see the family. I am really hoping the Kelly and Laurie (my nieces) make the trip down from Alpena to visit. Going end of June till July 10 or so. Going to be hot, we were there the same time last trip.

Seems like my life is mostly the same, when I look back through archives, it’s mostly the same old same old, perhaps with just a few new things here and there. I am looking forward (again) to seeing Bruce Cockburn at Solfest in August.

Usually I would be looking forward to Reggae, but this is the year of Reggae hell. Too many long stories about why, if you really want to know, read from the beginning (meaning scroll down and start reading up) here and from links there to the other blogs. It’s such a fucking mess. I really really don’t plan on going. It hurts my heart the way this is. Reggae is what brought me to Humboldt to begin with, and I am a 21 year vet of Reggae on the River.

I also started a myspace space, I had so many people who wanted to communicate that way. I find it a bit cumbersome to use, I can hand code the page I want faster than I can use the ‘myspace’ method, but I am learning 🙂

I haven’t tied it to my sites or this blog yet. I really want to redo all my sites (been saying that for years now!) before I do that. Time will tell. I want to be able to blog again and have and control comments, with out the spam. If I get a different blogging tool, and transfer this site, maybe I will tie it all together.

Health wise I am good enough, the tendonitis in my right elbow is back hard, started a few months ago when I was moving tubs of stuff around. And my back and left hip are painful most of the time, but I have also weaned myself almost off the advils, down from 2400mg a day to maybe 800mg. Hope I can get those things under control.


4:20 Party at Carolyn’s

I went to a 4:20 party yesterday. I really went to see Carolyn, my friend who is battling cancer. It was a joyful, sunny day, she was surrounded by friends and family and I was so glad to see her. She was one of the group who went with me to see Bruce Cockburn last fall. At that time she was feeling much better than she is now.

I won’t go into all the gory details, but she has been on one therapy or another for a very long time. Sometimes there is lots of hope, other times a feeling of despair.

She is such a strong – vibrant – beautiful woman. Please pray / send light / or thoughts of seeing her as her strong vibrant healthy beautiful self.

Here she is with her grandson, Jonah, her daughter Crystal, and that’s her husband Mark in the background:

Carolyn, Jonah, Crystal and Mark

NYEve day 2006-part1

Wow, been awhile since I was here. As usual just too busy to post.

So, to review the last few months, we (me, Carolyn, Cristin, and Linn) went to see Bruce Cockburn at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma, on November 9. What fun!! It was a sunny drive there and back, lots of girl talk and shopping.

Bobbi, Cristin and Linn

The show was SOLD OUT! It was quite fun, Gary Craig and Julie Wolf have blended fully with Bruce and it showed in everything they did. The crowd was receptive and keep the pace moving.

I met some great folks in line and would love it if they would get in touch with me. Darlene? Clay? John? woman in white sweater? (sorry I forgot your name!).

In talking with Clay, it seems once again the circle of Bruce has gone full circle, as he was mentioning a friend, Bobby, I realized that I too know Bobby and have spent much ‘Bruce time’ with him. I talked about that here, (down the page bit).