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Helen Stowe

Wednesday - 18 December 2013

Helen would of turned 86 tomorrow, December 19. I miss her more than words can express. I mentioned here how she had just returned from spinal surgery. Here I am with her, shortly after she came home from the Garberville hospital. Sadly, it was a short lived reprieve, and her pain came back with a […]

1986: South America

Wednesday - 16 January 2013

Argentina and Bolivia In June of 1986, when I was in my early 30′s, my Mom passed away after a long battle with cancer. Shortly after that I received a bit of money and as I already had the travel bug, took it as a sign to go to South America. I had friends in […]

New Photo Gallery

Tuesday - 18 December 2012

I am developing a new, for this blog, photo gallery set up. It is still a bit clunky, in that I have to do too much cross posting, but I will figure it out eventually. Here’s the Gallery Index.

Gall Bladder Removed

Monday - 3 December 2012

Those that know me know I have been struggling with digestive problems for quite awhile. Things really started ramping up almost 2 years ago. Since that post I also have had several ‘up all night with incredible pain’ attacks that I supposed was the gall bladder passing stones. Well finally got that ultra sound done […]