Survived Reggae .. again!

Fridays line up of music was quite good…very roots for the most part.
I did come home (no camping on site for me!) early so I would have the energy to do 2 more full days and nights.

Saturday, with a few exceptions, the music was NOT roots, and made me want to leave several times.

Sunday was a mix, but Michael Franti and Spearhead made it all worth while, I need to really check out some of his music thoroughly. [did that.. he shares my player with Bruce!]
And there is a good write up with pictures at the
North Coast Journal by Bob Doran and more pictures and info at Mateel.

Especially fun was meeting and hanging with Joellen and her tribe of friends. I wish I could remember every ones names!! I hope those of you who got my email addy will keep in touch.

Pictures coming..sometime soon!


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