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Wednesday - 1 December 2010

We bought a new to us Toyota Tundra. I have been looking online, Craig’s List, from Oregon south to the bay area for a month or more, every day. Seems like if you have a Toyota truck, especially a Tundra, you don’t sell them. They don’t lose value and there are few to find, especially […]

One Year Ago Today

Monday - 10 May 2010

I am remembering my Dad and Mom, both have left this world.   So Dad died last year on Mother’s Day. My Mom died in June 1986, so Mother’s Day has always been a bit hard, now it is really painful.  

What A Year It’s Been

Sunday - 27 December 2009

I am glad this year is almost over. It has been hard, in so many ways. With Dad’s illness progressing to death on May 14, and trying to come to terms with that. And then Kaya dying so suddenly it still breaks my heart. So I am hoping for a new year filled with some […]

Early Summer

Sunday - 7 June 2009

Summer Arts 2009 Well I missed both Summer and Winter Arts fairs in 2008 .. my head space just wasn’t open to much of anything. Dad’s passing has been a heart drama even though I knew he was going. This year I mark Summer Arts as the first of many, I hope, revivals of my […]

Bob Kensler R.I.P

Monday - 11 May 2009

Dad took his last breathe Sunday evening May 10 at 8:10pm.   Wave on wave of life Like the great wide ocean’s roll Haunting hands of memory Pluck silver strands of soul The damage and the dying done The clarity of light Gentle bows and glasses raised To the charity of night ~~~Bruce Cockburn *************************************************** […]

Waiting Is

Friday - 8 May 2009

I have been in Michigan since April 26th now. Dad’s fall on Easter eve (April 11) that landed him in the hospital with broken bones in his neck was the real start of the decline, being confined to a bed. He was able to talk to me and the dozens of family and friends who […]

Going to Michigan Again

Thursday - 9 April 2009

I am getting ready to go back to Michigan and visit Dad. This time flying alone, Russel needs to stay here and work while school is still on. Not having Russel to power me through the airports will be very different.. I haven’t flown alone in over 20 years. Funny how dependent we get on […]


Wednesday - 11 March 2009

Today is one of those beautiful spring days. I walked to the meadow down the road from our place. I started doing that just to get the feeling of being in nature. Even though we are surrounded by forest and no houses, when I am out side here all I see is the work that […]