Bruce Cockburn in San Francisco-GAMH

5 August 2006:

Lucky for me, I asked friend Cristin, who loves to drive and likes the city, to go with me. We had a blast going down to see Bruce! We stayed at a motel on Lombard and took a taxi (what a ride that was!) to the venue. The Great American Music Hall is an ornate old building in a rather ‘seedy’ part of town. The line for will call / and with tickets had already started to form. We arrived right behind my friend Paul from Fremont… how’s that for timing! He had been to the Saratoga show the night before, but was ready to see Bruce in this venue.

We met some great people while standing in line, hi to you Leon and Sherrie! Hope you are enjoying the BC_Live group. And Marsha and Steve… I will be looking for you at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma on November 9!!! I got my tickets in the mail yesterday!!

While standing in line I got a brief hug and kiss from Julie Wolf, love this womans energy and what she brings to the show with Bruce. The show was awesome more details at and on the gigs page.

A very special thing happened at this show. Again while waiting in line, someone walking by catches my eye… and low and behold it’s Mark Squire my very old friend and one time boss from the days at the Good Earth Natural Food Store in Fairfax, CA.

I can’t quite describe how glad I was to make connection with him again. It has been several years since we even talked to each other, for no other reason than time and distance and life. Any way, I owe him an email and as soon as all this updating for the Project and blog is done that is what I will be doing. He said, “Of all the places to run into you at, I’m not surprised for it to be a Bruce Cockburn concert”. He claims I turned him onto Bruce and maybe it is so. I worked at the store in the eightys, and played cassettes of Bruce’s all the time.

Bruce Cockburn - Paradise photo by Layne Russell

(Photo by Layne Russel taken at Paradise show, 6 August 2006)

So for the whole show, I was just glowing on the inside. I didn’t take my camera as I wanted to be able to just enjoy the show. Bruce was happy and having a great time the audience was with him and active and that makes for a great performance. It really was one of the best shows I have seen him do in a long time, energy wise. It ended to quickly for me….