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Bruce Cockburn at the Mateel !



When Bruce Cockburn comes to the Mateel Community Center I am elated. This is my community and my backyard, or living room — how ever you want to look at that. This is exciting in so many ways.. being able to experience Bruce with a lot of friends and fans makes it all that more enjoyable and uplifting.. and he rocked and swooned the Mateel Hall and held us in his hands like putty for the whole show.

What makes this an even more special event for me, was Bruce and I were able to sit and talk with each other for a couple of hours. How lovely that was, and how gracious of him to spend a little time with me. My heart soars.


We arrived early enough to catch up with Kathy & Riley from Arcata, and a bit later with Russ & Jan, & then so many locals. Taun being at her first ever Bruce show, and Dian, Kate, Brian, Margriet, Alicia, Lily, Liz & Charlie… I would really have to name at least half the folks in the hall. But that made it so much more fun.


I am not going to go into every song, suffice it to say it was an excellent Setlist. Agnes Patak – Mateel Photo set was there taking incredible photos so I mostly let my camera sit until the after show meet & greet.

So many people were taking so many photos at the meet & greet signing that I haven’t even seen them all yet.
But what follows were taken by me or Russel or Jan.. and is a fun way to wrap up what a wonderful night it was for all.

Russ & Jan

Russ & Jan

Bruce Cockburn & Jan Bramlett

Bruce Cockburn & Jan Bramlett







What a fantastic night!! Thank you Bruce !!

I also updated the www.cockburnproject.net with a west coast tour wrap up.. lots of photos.


Just Got Bruce Cockburn tickets for the Mateel


Tickets just went on sale for Bruce’s show on April 16 at the Mateel Community Center. This will be a seated show, which will be great for me.
I am so happy to have Bruce back here in my own backyard! It will be more like having a party with Bruce than going to a concert feel, I expect. I hope to connect with him of course, but one never knows for sure what the timing will be like.
What can I say? Friends and fans are coming from near and far – I am excited!


Reggae on the River 2010

Even while I was still in the grips of the ‘cough’ we managed to go to Reggae on the River at Benbow, 2 day event put on by Mateel Community Center. It was in the 100s the first day and very hot the next. But we kept a slow pace and had a place for our big chairs under some shade trees. Met up with the usual reggae posse that we often sit by, some wonderful women from up north, it’s always fun to see them.

Joellen Clark Peterson 2010 ROR

Reggae Women

We also met up with old friends and new friends. And it was great to see ROR go to 2 days, sell out, and be irie!

I only had 2-3 coughing fits and didn’t feel any worse for being there, it was great to finally get out and about.


More Julie Wolf at the Mateel

I can gush a bit more here than I can over at the CockburnProject.net where I just updated the front page.

So gush I will..

Julie Wolf at Mateel Community Center

What can I say about her — she is a beautiful light, she is funny, honest, real and present. She does not make me feel uncomfortable, quite the opposite, I feel so relaxed around her. It’s a heart thing I guess. She gives (and gets) great hugs. I would love to get to know her. In her busy life, don’t know if there is time or room for that, but I hope so.

And she stole the show! The Mateel was buzzing with “Hey, I’ve seen her before, she is awesome! Wasn’t she here with Bruce Cockburn? Didn’t she used to play with Ani deFranco? She is so beautiful. She is so hot! ” You get the drift.

I hope she tours with Bruce and band later in the year. I really hope they play here at the Mateel Community Center.
I hope I get the chance to see her again. I hope we email each other.

Ok, done gushing now.


Julie Wolf at the Mateel

Ok, for those of you who may not remember all the Bruce Cockburn details, a couple of years ago now, he played here at our local Mateel Community Center with Julie Wolf.

Julie is an extraordinary musician, keyboardist, singer, player.
We met at that show and just had some fun, it was good.

Well, this year, when Bruce went into the studio to record, Julie went with him. How cool is that?!

Any way last night Russel was checking email and asked, “Do you know someone named Julie Wolf?” I’m thinking, yea I do, don’t delete!

And there she was in my in box offering comp tickets to a show she is doing with Shana Morrison (Van Morrisons’ daughter) at our Mateel Community Center this Friday, 17 March 2006.

This will be so fun to see her and hear her play. The simple fact that she remembered me enough to be able to email me is just too sweet. This woman is on the road playing with incredible people all the time. And recording her own amazing stuff.

And yes the Bruce connection is strong, I mean, that is what connected us in the first place.

I have asked her for a short interview to do later about the making of the new album with Bruce and band for the CockburnProject.
It will be great to get the insiders look at the process, and the band members are all upper crust high end musicians.

Now I just need to get the energy up to take these older bones out at night! Living in the hills is causing me to become even more reclusive, to go out even less than before, and unless it was Bruce or reggae, I never seemed to make it. This time I will. A lovely person has asked and I will go. Russel was planning on it, but it looks like he may have another commitment.


44 Days ’till Reggae!

This may be the LAST Reggae on the River in it’s current location on the Eel River in Piercy. The producers are looking for a new home for it, and one way or the other the show will continue. ROTR was started to rebuild the community center now know as Mateel Community Center. It offered a venue where all the local non-prophets, like the schools, fire departments, and health organizations, and local artists had a place to make money while making the operating costs for the Mateel. If this event is moved away from the area, it will be beyond the reach of most of these non-prophets to take part.

We will see what happens.

This year’s line-up pleases me.. both Prezident Brown and Michael Franti are going to be there!

Along with some other favorites, but to have 2 of my most favorite artists in the same place is awesome.


Bruce Cockburn – pictures from the Mateel

I wrote an article for the Cockburn Project with lots of pictures. The setlist page is up with a few more pictures from the Mateel show.

Bruce Cockburn - Mateel soundcheck

These photos (below) were all taken by a local photographer, Kim Sallaway. Check out his website … www.KimbaCan.com.

And remember… all these photos are copyrighted…if you want to use them PLEASE ASK!

Bruce Cockburn - Mateel soundcheck - Photo Kim Sallaway
Bruce Cockburn-2004-Mateel-photo Kim Sallaway
Julie Wolf -2004-Mateel-photo Kim Sallaway
Bruce Cockburn-2004-Mateel-photo Kim Sallaway

Bruce Cockburn at the Mateel CC

The whole day was wonderful. I will write more soon. I plan a new front for the Cockburn Project with details.

Bruce was gracious as always, and signed this photo I took of him at the Mystic Theater.

Bruce Cockburn at the Mystic-signed

Also had a lot of fun talking with Julie Wolf…..keyboardist and vocalist..
and one heck of a sweetheart.

Julie Wolf and me Mateel CC - 2004

More pictures here.