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Julie Wolf at the Mateel

Wednesday - 15 March 2006

Ok, for those of you who may not remember all the Bruce Cockburn details, a couple of years ago now, he played here at our local Mateel Community Center with Julie Wolf. Julie is an extraordinary musician, keyboardist, singer, player. We met at that show and just had some fun, it was good. Well, this […]

Bruce Cockburn – pictures from the Mateel

Wednesday - 3 March 2004

I wrote an article for the Cockburn Project with lots of pictures. The setlist page is up with a few more pictures from the Mateel show. These photos (below) were all taken by a local photographer, Kim Sallaway. Check out his website … www.KimbaCan.com. And remember… all these photos are copyrighted…if you want to use […]