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No Time for This !!

Saturday - 18 November 2017

Sorry no time for this site… too busy with WordPress on other sites that actually pay me LOL. Lets test a media upload now after the 4.9 WP upgrade.

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Photo Albums are now Posts

After much tweaking of WordPress and Photospace codes, I have made the photo albums POSTS not PAGES. This way they show up in the news feed// or on the home page. Think I am good to go — to get scanning all the oldie but goodie photos and get them up here for all to enjoy. LOL.


New Photo Gallery

Tuesday - 18 December 2012

I am developing a new, for this blog, photo gallery set up. It is still a bit clunky, in that I have to do too much cross posting, but I will figure it out eventually. Here’s the Gallery Index.

Updated WordPress to 3.5

Friday - 14 December 2012

Well finally this blog has a current/new theme that is working – Twenty Twelve and I just upgraded WordPress core to 3.5 and see no problems! Now I just need to update core in all my other installs of WordPress.. and then I should have some time to start adding photo galleries to this site. […]

New Theme Twenty Twelve with some tweaks

Friday - 7 December 2012

I have been working on customizing ever so slightly the default WordPress theme Twenty Twelve, and finally put it on this site. I will have many more tweaks to do, but all seems to be functioning well at this point. I wanted to get in in place and test here before the roll out of […]

Estelle 2012 Site Live

Friday - 2 March 2012

I got this site up a few weeks ago, there’s still content to add but it is functioning and Estelle can do updates herself because it is built on WordPress, which frees me up a bit from the tedious day to day stuff. Now I need to find or make a theme for this blog, […]

Upgrading WordPress to 3.3

Tuesday - 13 December 2011

Hopefully this will not be a problem, this is an old theme and one I had intended long ago to replace and just haven’t found the time. So lots hope the upgrade doesn’t bork this .. and if it does, well I will be back to fix after I get all the other WP installs […]

Testing Wordbooker

Wednesday - 12 October 2011

This is a test of a WordPress to Facebook plugin. Testing from my personal blog in case it blows up. Several clients want this now, and I hope it works flawlessly. I think it will work better with a photo in the post, but often the posts from clients won’t have photos, so curious what […]