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June into July – Life is Flying By

Monday - 1 July 2013

The past 2 months have been filled with taking care of lots of little things, like after 2 years of not detailing my 4 Runner, getting it done. Looks almost like it did when I bought it, and ‘Partners in Grime’ saved the paint job! Russel got a canopy and a rack installed on his […]

SoHumAwareness and spring

Saturday - 21 May 2011

Within a few days after this post, with the rains continuing, Humboldt County started slipping and sliding away. Being a disaster junkie and wanting the latest up to the minute news on whether the road to town was open or not, I spent one Sunday morning, March 27, reading KymKemp.com blog and others, listening to […]

Time Keeps on Slippin’

Friday - 29 October 2010

I missed spring, summer and most of the fall. It is now winter, with rain and gray days, running the generator way too much as there isn’t enough solar to keep our small system going. I haven’t been off the land to town in over 44 days now! Thank the goddess for internet as it […]

Canning Tomatos

Tuesday - 7 September 2010

The garden is in full harvest mode, so what energy I have is going there. Haven’t had time to work this site theme or any other Word Press projects right now. We did harvest many of our tomatoes: And we canned up 7 pints. We used the cold pack – 60 min water bath method. […]

Caterpillars on the dill

Sunday - 15 August 2010

Today I went out to pick some dill head and leaf.. and found a least seven black swallowtail caterpillars on my dill plant! Guess they love dill, and I am mostly done with it so they can eat it. I hope they form their chrysalis close by so I can watch that transformation. Next year […]

June and July in the Garden

Thursday - 8 July 2010

The garden is doing much better now that some heat has finally come on. We started harvesting butterstick summer squash and black beauty zucchini last week. With tons more to come on. We also have planted light green Lebanese squash, some globe zucchini and a few others, I am sure Russel will be tired of […]

Bumper Crop of SugarSnap Peas!

Wednesday - 30 June 2010

As I talked about ( in this post ) I have, for lack of a better way to describe it, been sick for going on 7 weeks now. We also had a cold and wet spring, which made the sugar snap peas very happy.. and me too. This doesn’t look like it, but every other […]