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WP and FB

Friday - 14 August 2009

(Ages since last post.) I have been working on a new install of WordPress as a CMS. I remember when I installed MT here for this blog, took some time, but was relatively easy. The MT forums at the time (2003) were active with friendly people who wanted to help..not just point you to an […]

Early Summer

Sunday - 7 June 2009

Summer Arts 2009 Well I missed both Summer and Winter Arts fairs in 2008 .. my head space just wasn’t open to much of anything. Dad’s passing has been a heart drama even though I knew he was going. This year I mark Summer Arts as the first of many, I hope, revivals of my […]

Waiting Is

Friday - 8 May 2009

I have been in Michigan since April 26th now. Dad’s fall on Easter eve (April 11) that landed him in the hospital with broken bones in his neck was the real start of the decline, being confined to a bed. He was able to talk to me and the dozens of family and friends who […]

Christmas in Michigan

Saturday - 27 December 2008

Well it snowed a lot. It was below freezing many days we were there. Ice storms and snow.   Sue had us doing a puzzle for her.   Anything to keep us distracted from what was really happening with Dad. Although he was doing pretty good considering all he had been though. It was a […]

Spring 2008

Friday - 21 March 2008

Spring is here the daffodils and tulips are blooming as are the peach trees. Life should be sweet, and in many ways it is, but I am stressed in so many ways. First off, Dad isn’t done with the cancer it is back and another surgery is planned for April 23. This time the surgeons […]

Michigan Trip – Dad & Sue

Wednesday - 1 August 2007

Visited family in Michigan June 28-July 12. Spent a fair amount of time before leaving getting ready to go .. you know how it is .. I always want what I want and want to be comfortable. Any way I booked the flight in March, some time in May Dad called and told be he […]