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Trinadad Beach

Saturday - 23 November 2013

In November we took a weekend and spent some time in sunny Arcata, and visited Trinadad Beach just a bit north. Another beautiful warm and sunny day. That evening we went to Tony’s birthday (65) and retirement party at Kim & Tony’s, as usual wonderful food and company.

River and Creek Photos 29 Nov – 2 Dec

Monday - 3 December 2012

Humboldt County was hit with several strong storms last week, Hazardous Weather Outlook and the Storm Reports. The best thing about these storms was the amount of rainfall.. rivers went from a trickle you could walk across to this.. almost overnight. Eel River at Alderpoint bridge 29 November 2012, looking upriver:   Eel River at […]

SoHumAwareness and spring

Saturday - 21 May 2011

Within a few days after this post, with the rains continuing, Humboldt County started slipping and sliding away. Being a disaster junkie and wanting the latest up to the minute news on whether the road to town was open or not, I spent one Sunday morning, March 27, reading blog and others, listening to […]

Birthday Bliss

Monday - 13 September 2010

My birthday was September 11, hard to believe I just turned 58! I really never thought I would get to be this old. After many years of not much ‘fun’ for birthdays, this year I really wanted to have some out-of-the-ordinary fun..for me at least. Thankfully I felt good and much of my energy had […]

Michael Franti at Reggae on the River

Wednesday - 23 August 2006

6 August 2006 Reggae on the River…is in a new location. I had bought tickets for Reggae and Bruce knowing I would miss one or the other. Reggae lost, I was there briefly on Friday before going to the city to see Bruce Cockburn. I didn’t really like the new layout or space, more on […]

And then the sun came back!

Thursday - 9 February 2006

And things are starting to dry up a bit. The road is holding its own for now, but here are a couple of pictures, which really don’t do it justice:   The road is now only half that width, this was taken in the beginning of the storms.   Over the side into the creek […]