44 Days ’till Reggae!

This may be the LAST Reggae on the River in it’s current location on the Eel River in Piercy. The producers are looking for a new home for it, and one way or the other the show will continue. ROTR was started to rebuild the community center now know as Mateel Community Center. It offered a venue where all the local non-prophets, like the schools, fire departments, and health organizations, and local artists had a place to make money while making the operating costs for the Mateel. If this event is moved away from the area, it will be beyond the reach of most of these non-prophets to take part.

We will see what happens.

This year’s line-up pleases me.. both Prezident Brown and Michael Franti are going to be there!

Along with some other favorites, but to have 2 of my most favorite artists in the same place is awesome.