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NYEve-part 2

Sunday - 31 December 2006

So that is about it for this year. Many of our summer projects didn’t get completed, blame it on the heat (way too many days over 100 degrees) or on my recovering from the tonsillectomy and then bunion surgery, or just not enough time. This past week Russel has been on school break with the […]

Aikido and Russel

Sunday - 31 December 2006

Russel has been profiled this December by his Aikido Association – www.ai-ki-do.org. This is the profile:   Russel Wisby, 3rd Dan Mateel Aikido, Redway, California Division 2 How I started In 1974 I took a defensive tactics class at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka. I was looking for a self defense class and […]

Fall is in the air …

Monday - 29 August 2005

School is starting here, Russel hasn’t lined up all his jobs yet, (teaching Aikido to kids in the local schools) but we know they are there for him. Hurricane Katrina is barreling through the south. This past month went by in a blur. I made it to Reggae, but only Friday for Michael Franti and […]

On the road

Monday - 16 August 2004

🙁 Ok, so Friday night we get home from 12 hours at Reggae, and there’s a message on the answering machine that.. Russel has an appointment with an ENT(ear-nose-throat) doctor at the VA in SF on WEDNESDAY (2 days after Reggae)..at 11AM!! Well long story short, it’s a lot like this entry.. in that we […]

The long road

Saturday - 10 July 2004

We went to the VA hospital in SF (5 hours drive) on Wed, met with Russel’s new doctor, she looked to be about 23, but she was bright and appeared ready to look at ‘whatever is causing this pain/cough/congestion’ in a different way. We got home late Thursday afternoon as it is just too much […]

98 degrees in the shade

Monday - 5 July 2004

98 degrees in the shade… A great reggae song…but a bit much to deal with. Spent a hour in the neighbors pool, that’s some relief. I guess I am still on the way to being an old ‘crone’… false alarm I guess, ‘cept I still feel crampy and very irritable, Russel can attest to that […]


Wednesday - 16 June 2004

I still have my head in Gallery, won’t have anything to show for some time. While working, a dragonfly perched on my neighbors antenna. This is something they do often, I have tried to get good shots before, with no luck. Today was different! I actually got 20 or more great shots! I am quite […]