On the road


Ok, so Friday night we get home from 12 hours at Reggae, and there’s a message on the answering machine that.. Russel has an appointment with an ENT(ear-nose-throat) doctor at the VA in SF on WEDNESDAY (2 days after Reggae)..at 11AM!!

Well long story short, it’s a lot like this entry.. in that we had to go to Eureka on Tuesday for the new engine check up and a appointment at the Eureka VA. While we were there, I was thinking about how getting up at 4am on Wed to make the 11am appointment in SF..and it wasn’t making us happy.

So we decided to go home and pack and drive to Santa Rosa on Tuesday, go the SF VA on Wednesday and drive home that day…
geez we were both so fried from Reggae to have to do all that too.
And nothing was found a miss with the ENT, so we still have no answers to Russel’s pain and congestion…meanwhile his voice gets stranger and stranger every day.

We did stop on the way home in Healdsburg…lots bigger than I remembered it being, cute/upscale downtown center area.. we ate at a thai food place, Lotus Thai, that was excellent. Will have to stop there again.

We always stop at the Real Goods and Solar Living Institute for a road break in Hopland, and we will be going down there this weekend (August 21) to see Bruce Cockburn at the Solfest.

Whew!! busy busy on the road kind of month.

In between all this I am still painting at the house and we are doing lots of work to make the house more livable, cuz well, we would like to MOVE IN someday!