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Autumn Equinox is coming

It’s just around the corner. We have had a little rain, very little compared to what has been happening in the south and east. But just the same it is a sign of things to come… the winter rains.

I won’t be around here much at all, certainly not every day, ha! like I am now *lol* But much less, hopefully with more to say.

We’ve been working hard all summer to get the house in a much more livable space and I am going to spend a lot of time there this winter, perhaps the posts that get put here will actually have tales of homesteading and living off the grid. I hope that soon I will be able to bring my computer out there with me…then I may never come to town again!

This is a little something I took in the summer, never got around to uploading the rest of these or other photos I have to my gallery, which lays fallow until time presents itself, as does this blog redesign and the redesign of my other sites.
Hope you enjoy it!

Dragonfly looking at me

Prezident Brown (google him!) is coming out on tour again, it looks like he may swing close enough to be able to go see him… that would be really cool. He’s playing in my old stomping grounds of Bolinas and Fairfax…that would just be too fun to go to, but there is no chance of getting to the bay area again any time soon ;(

I will try and get some good interior shots of the house with fresh paint with my Canon G3, it’s flash leaves much to be desired, and I don’t have the add on one yet.

Oh, and one other thing… a while back a certain blog woman posted a link to a word game, Weboggle. She did warn that is was addicting… I sent it to a friend. My darling husband found the link in the sent mails and now HE IS ADDICTED!

Geez, one more game to take his time away!!!



I still have my head in Gallery, won’t have anything to show for some time.

While working, a dragonfly perched on my neighbors antenna. This is something they do often, I have tried to get good shots before, with no luck. Today was different! I actually got 20 or more great shots!


I am quite pleased with myself 😉 This camera is a year old, it’s about time I took a decent shot. Once my Gallery is open, there will be an album of these keepers. I have one where he/she? is looking at me!

Other news, just work at the house, on the land, keeping the town house yard sort of up. Russel is leaving for Aikido retreat for a week in the bay on Sunday..so, you guessed it… I will be working online a lot. No meal times, bed times…. just my time 😉