The long road

We went to the VA hospital in SF (5 hours drive) on Wed, met with Russel’s new doctor, she looked to be about 23, but she was bright and appeared ready to look at ‘whatever is causing this pain/cough/congestion’ in a different way. We got home late Thursday afternoon as it is just too much for us to drive there and back in one day.

We were told we would be scheduled finally for a broncostomy, usually that means a month or 2 down the road… well they called Friday eve at 7pm to say we have an appointment for Tuesday morning at 8am.

Oh joy. That is also the day we are supposed to have our truck in Eureka (1 1/2 hours north) to leave it to get a new rebuilt engine in it. The toyota people usually give us a rental when we leave our truck there for more than a day because we live so far away.

So that day looks like a very long one, up at 5am drive to Eureka drop off truck at 8am and get the loaner, drive back to here (11am), pick up luggage, and drive to San Fransisco and hope to beat the worst of the traffic by arriving at the Golden Gate before 4pm. Find a motel over on the Great Highway, collapse, and then go to the hospital.

The procedure should only take a hour or so, but I believe we will be at the hospital for at least 4 hours…then I get to drive home, if I can make it, if not we will stop at the Sandman in Santa Rosa and do the last 3 hours in the morning.

I hope this tells us something.. the last diagnosis he got was totally false one, just so the doctor could say he did give a diganosis. Meanwhile, Russel is off the Flovent already, and the pain/ichy feeling is coming back in his chest. And he can’t use advils (which we both use daily) for 48hours before the procedure, so he will be one painful mess.

This is not how this next week was supposed to happen, I have to cancel a long over due lunch date, I have a bunch of cds to burn for trading and dvds for a trading tree I am on… once again, time is too short, so if I don’t post back here for awhile, those of you who wonder — well now you know where I’ll be.