I still have my head in Gallery, won’t have anything to show for some time.

While working, a dragonfly perched on my neighbors antenna. This is something they do often, I have tried to get good shots before, with no luck. Today was different! I actually got 20 or more great shots!


I am quite pleased with myself 😉 This camera is a year old, it’s about time I took a decent shot. Once my Gallery is open, there will be an album of these keepers. I have one where he/she? is looking at me!

Other news, just work at the house, on the land, keeping the town house yard sort of up. Russel is leaving for Aikido retreat for a week in the bay on Sunday..so, you guessed it… I will be working online a lot. No meal times, bed times…. just my time 😉


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    bobbi said: on wednesday – 23 june 2004 – 04:43 pm

    I have several others to get web ready..and use in my new soon to be live gallery.

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