98 degrees in the shade

98 degrees in the shade… A great reggae song…but a bit much to deal with. Spent a hour in the neighbors pool, that’s some relief.

I guess I am still on the way to being an old ‘crone’… false alarm I guess, ‘cept I still feel crampy and very irritable, Russel can attest to that fact, he say I am really hard to be around right now… well hey, I ain’t having much fun either!

Supposed to go to the land tomorrow and I was gonna paint some more, but this heat may make it a short day.

We’re going to SF to the VA hospital again on Wed. Russel gets to see a new doctor this time.. he is still using the inhaler and his voice is getting weird sounding. The pain is mostly gone, but the feeling of congestion still is.

This is turning into a bitch post so I will stop now..
life really is good.. it’s just hormones.