NYEve-part 2

So that is about it for this year. Many of our summer projects didn’t get completed, blame it on the heat (way too many days over 100 degrees) or on my recovering from the tonsillectomy and then bunion surgery, or just not enough time.
This past week Russel has been on school break with the kids, and for the first time since school started some stuff is getting done.

I am still unpacking, yesterday I opened a box that I hadn’t looked in for at least 17-18 years!! Old newspapers, letters from people whose faces I can’t even bring up! (yikes that is scary) and some art that now that I have a home I can finally maybe get framed and put up. Any way there is a lot of that sort of thing, books, crystals, rocks, shells, wonderful little things, but still no real room for them.

In early November, Russel and I went to a Bat Mitzvah for one of his Aikido students. I had never been to a (Southern Humboldt style) Jewish celebration before and it was just lovely! The songs and humor and loving friends gathering was really heart felt. I only knew a couple of people there and it just didn’t matter.

Did I say that around Thanksgiving I was so frustrated with this house not becoming ‘homey’ and pleasing to my eye, I looked into Feng Shui. Read a lot of books and got some good guidance. Although I also learned that to really use Feng Shui I must study a bit more than I want to, and that as with Astrology, there are many ways to look at it and divine it. So I took what I could use, and hope to one day dig into it a bit deeper….. when I have the time!!

I also connected finally with my neices again. Hope to learn a lot more about them in 2007.

As this year draws to a close I am thank full that we are healthy, have a wonderful home and land to support us, and are truly blessed with our lives.

As to 2007, we hope to finish all the projects we started last year, mainly the water system to electric pump, we need to paint the whole house, there is always a ton of work to do clearing the land (fire breaks) and we hope to do a better veggie garden this year. I got out the seed catalogs yesterday!

We also are planning a trip to Michigan to see my Dad and Sue, and the rest of the family. This is already stressing me out a bit. It will be sometime in August/early Sept. Have to wait to see if friends TR and Terry are coming out to visit and when, we also have to see if Reggae on the River is happening at all..what a mess that is ..I will post more about that later… and if it is happening, in what form and will Mateel Aikido do a booth? If they don’t that leaves a good block of time to do the Michigan trip, and is what I am hope for.

Ok, that’s it for now…to the few of you who come here…
Happy NEW Year!!