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On the road

Monday - 16 August 2004

🙁 Ok, so Friday night we get home from 12 hours at Reggae, and there’s a message on the answering machine that.. Russel has an appointment with an ENT(ear-nose-throat) doctor at the VA in SF on WEDNESDAY (2 days after Reggae)..at 11AM!! Well long story short, it’s a lot like this entry.. in that we […]

9th Anniversary

Thursday - 29 July 2004

It’s been so long since I posted.. don’t know where to begin! Guess I will go backwards, as it is freshest in my mind 🙂 We had our 9th wedding anniversary on July 27, we have been together 13+ years though. Nice dinner at local Mateel Cafe with Russel’s sister Carol who is visiting from […]

The long road

Saturday - 10 July 2004

We went to the VA hospital in SF (5 hours drive) on Wed, met with Russel’s new doctor, she looked to be about 23, but she was bright and appeared ready to look at ‘whatever is causing this pain/cough/congestion’ in a different way. We got home late Thursday afternoon as it is just too much […]

98 degrees in the shade

Monday - 5 July 2004

98 degrees in the shade… A great reggae song…but a bit much to deal with. Spent a hour in the neighbors pool, that’s some relief. I guess I am still on the way to being an old ‘crone’… false alarm I guess, ‘cept I still feel crampy and very irritable, Russel can attest to that […]

Lois Lane..

Friday - 7 May 2004

I remember a line in one of the first Superman movies, where after Clark took away her memory, she comes into work and asks “What’s happening in the world?” There’s a feeling I get from that line, not that I am not aware of what’s happening in the world, but that my life has been […]

This and That

Sunday - 22 February 2004

Bruce Cockburn at the Mateel Tonight’s the show. Very excited. Hope to make sound check, get some photos signed and tonight get some great shots. Wish me luck. ****************** On other things, this should go in new post, but.. Russel has an appointment for a bone scan, the final test in the saga of trying […]

MRI Results – Nothing

Sunday - 15 February 2004

There’s nothing wrong. The VA and AMA cannot find the source of Russel’s pain. There are no real indicators for any more tests, although we may get a bone scan. I think his doctor can’t think outside his little box, something is wrong, and it’s not in his head… the next step according to this […]

Finally…going to get the MRI

Sunday - 1 February 2004

We leave for the city (SF) very early on Thursday morning. Russel has a stress treadmill test at 1pm. The following day he finally gets the MRI. I am only hoping that this gives us a diagnosis. His pain has gotten worse, the pain killers less helpful, and the stress of it all is really […]