Leo Laporte’s Gone

Leo’s Gone 🙁

I’ve been so busy, I was missing many of the Call for Help and Screensavers shows. When I tuned in finally last week, I noticed a lot of repeats, and NO Leo. Sad. LeoVille.com.
I wish the best for Leo.

I will still watch, while they are on, Call For Help and SS, I really do like Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose and the whole gang at both shows.

Tech-Tv being bought by Comcast just adds to the stress, that all we know and love about TT may be lost.

My cable system just picked up Tech-Tv last year. I learn a lot from the shows and will really miss Leo. Call For Help will never be the same level of fun.

I like Patrick with Leo, I do like Kevin, but have to say that half the time I barely understand what he is talking about 🙂

Note: (2010)
Call For Help
Leo Laporte
The Screen Savers
and you can Google any of these guys and shows and find them still doing great techy stuff on the web.