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CockburnProject Update

Even with the limited amount of time I have here, I did manage to update the Cockburn Project last week. Bruce is on a solo tour promoting his latest cd, Speechless which is an instrumental.

I missed the one show I could have maybe gotten too, last weekend in San Fransisco. It’s just so damn far down there and Russel had no time and ….. well any way I am truly bummed as the reports from both the Humans list and BC-Live have been wonderful.
I hope he comes this way again in the summer, like maybe he will do the Kate Wolf Festival this year??

What else is new? Not much. Same old same old. I am starting to take things from the town/office house to the land on each trip.. small steps. My computer is acting a bit ‘different’ lately and so I hope to take the CPU into the guys who built it for a tune-up before I haul it all out to the house. So that won’t happen for a month of so any way.

Russel finally installed a real gate (we had had a very heavy chain gate) on the bottom of the driveway. This will be so much easier coming and going now, not having to deal with heavy, wet, muddy, rusty chain… yipee!!

Still having pressure pump/switch/bladder tank problems. Now R thinks that we need to replace the bladder tank as it isn’t working as it should. We’ll see.

We are getting a bit of rain, not nearly as much as we should this time of year, and it is also warmer than usual. I sure hope the rains come here.

And at least, for those in California who may read this… Arnold was defeated!!!


Busy Busy Busy ..

Very little time at the town house with my computer and often that time is very tired time. I am starting to miss my more tech-self, I am yearning to learn new software programs like maybe redo my CreationsDreams.net site in www.drupal.org? I need to redo this blog as well and am debating with myself just which way to go.

Many of my web-friends are using pmachinePro, now that it is free, many have also gone to EE, www.expressionengine.com, which is not free. WP, www.wordpress.org, is very popular, but some how I don’t think I will go that way. [many years later and I did!]
Gallery 2 is now out, I started using Gallery 1 on my little EyeSee gallery, but never took it where I wanted it to go. I think I may turn this blog in to more of a photo gallery with commentary, don’t really know yet. Feels like I want to redo all my sites though, just need to start the process.

It would be good to feel passionate about this web stuff again, after the last years lull and focus on homesteading and home development, there’s less heaving lifting with web development 🙂

I just uninstalled an old Norton AntiVirus from the old W98 machine. I installed AVG Anti-virus and right now I am downloading the large virus definitions file. Then when my newer XP machine comes to the land with me, we will still be able to use the W98 for internet here in town. We haven’t connected with that machine for close to 2 years cuz of no protection.

I have had right hand thumb problems ever since I wood filled the plywood sub floor before we painted. It’s as if the extendor ligament is stretched to the limit (at night laying down trying to sleep, and really bad in the morning), I have to use my other hand to get it moving and then it is a bit stiff all day and sort of ‘popping’ out of its track, or so it seems. I started going to a chiropractor, knowing full well that I needed a full adjustment as it has been years since the last one, So she did all that and most felt better, but the thumb thing isn’t getting better, and its my typing / mouse thumb … yikes!

So Monday I go see a PT who every one raves about, and hopefully he will be able to tell me if this is fixable, or arthritis starting (oh I hope not!) This has been the other reason I haven’t spent the time I should at the computer this summer.

Once the moving of machines start, I will probably be ‘offline’ for a while. I pray our phone lines at the land aren’t as slow as many folks say. Just doesn’t seem like we can take on satellite internet just yet. I have been looking for an alternative to DirecWay, found Wild Blue, but they have no installers locally at all, and price seems to be the same. So what surfing I do will even be slower than here in town on dial up (44kbps). Guess I will add to the list of wants, needs, desires!! (along with Tivo, a pda, home theater surround sound, ipod or other mp3 player, good stereo speakers ……).

Oh, and yes, the house isn’t even near ‘done’ and there is no landscaping, outbuildings need to be created, water system needs major work.. and on and on it goes.

For my birthday though, this year, we bought a cd player for my new (10 year old) 4 Runner… a very nice Alpine which plays mp3s and wma files, and is set up to receive ipod or satellite radio. So it can grow with me. I was really getting tired of listening to old cassettes, although I found some keepers that I want to burn to cd, just need to find a cassette player and get the cords so I can transfer to this machine and clean up and burn.

Painted ‘Teresa’s Tan’ subfloor:

painted sub floor

Many rounds of wood:


Some of the cords:


Faun, from the pregnant doe, Doey, who lives close by:


Comment Spam

OK – I’m back with a few other tidbits.
My little blog here got slammed with spam comments the other week.
For awhile I removed all abilitiy to comment, but not liking that, I finally downloaded and set up Jay Allens MT-Blacklist, which I had never done as it didn’t seem necessary. Now I just need to remember to go and get the latest spam ids, and hopefully that won’t happen again.


Up to my Eye balls in Gallery!

I finally installed Gallery.
Of course right from the start there were issues, I was using my Fantastico to install on my CPanel which my hosts had set up, it was throwing errors and rather than ask my wonderful Hosting Matters hosts, I asked at the Gallery forums, and of course they said to download latest version and upload.

Well the upload took over 2 hours! And I didn’t include all the skins.
I should of asked HM, they would of saved me time, any way, it’s up and running and I have sooo many questions that just don’t seem to be asked or answered at the forums.

I will post them tomorrow and see where to go from here. I know I will customize it’s looks, but I really don’t think that will be a problem. It’s more questions like,
“Can I run the reconfiguration wizard as many times as I need?”

“Can I use one install of Gallery in my root space for add-on-domains which are in the same web space?”

and on and on…
Like I said..up to my eyeballs…

Also need an outline of a good work flow for the photos, do all the sizing myself? Let Gallery do it? Fastest way to upload, remember 56k running at 44k here.

[I never got very far with that Gallery install.. just started it and moved on. It is here. I plan on a whole new Gallery – WP – photos development, once this site is live again ~bobbi / 22march2010.]


Growing & Changing

I just made a whole long post with pictures and all… and lost it 🙁

This will be the quick and dirty style: – still learning the new system,printer,scanner tons of software, learning new work flows, ps7, and so much more:

computer set up

On another note, Frank Doran Sensei, Russel’s Aikido teacher from the bay area was here for an Aikido retreat.

Frank Doran and Russel Wisby

The potluck was held at a truly beautiful home, this is a shot of the stairway leading to the house:

Dazey's Bridge

And in case you were wondering, the Agave , is starting to open up:

Agave opening
Agave opening close up

I need to take some pictures again soon, more is happening. I noticed today when we drove by after coming down from Eureka. We saw “The Day Before Tomorrow”. Great special effects, ok story, not as sappy as it could of been and not as good as it should of been. The premise being greenhouse gases/ the Green house effect/ global warming / melting of polar ice caps/ super storms/ …all caused by ….. yep burning of fossil fuels, which they didn’t mention. Too bad. I read a book a few years ago about these storms, it doesn’t seem that unlikely to me. The way the weather has changed in just my 50 years is astonishing.

I also spent over a week at the land house without coming into town at all.
Testing the waters, seeing what I would need to make it really livable, if there was no town tiny house rental.

Yep, this is a long entry.
On a more personal note here, over the last month or so, I have seen bloggers disappears.. for some reason it tweaks me.

Then Movable Type did it’s new pay-for model and the forums over there really changed. A lot of long-time power users bailed. Some seem to have just gone away.

As I mentioned in this post,Tech Tv is gone. Call For Help is gone. Screensavers has become a gamers only show it seems. I learned a lot from these shows and miss them, especially Leo Laporte.

Now my favorite forum is blowing up it seems. This really bums me out. Some of my most favorite people are leaving. Even though I know these are just online ‘acquaintances’ – I have become attached.
So I guess the lesson here is letting go, growing with change, moving on.

But who will be there to help me on this road of web?
I would never be where I am today without this forum.

Yea! to the one that came back, she knows who she is!!





Processor: P4 3.2 GHz / FSB: 800MHz
Motherboard: Asus P4P800 SE
Memory: 2/ 512 DDR 400
Harddrive: WD 120 SATA Hard drive
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce FX5600xt 128mb -dv in
Sound card: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2/zs-firewire
Speakers: Creative T2900 2.1 speakers
Case: Enlight Tower case w/350w ps, 2 USB2 ports on front/
4 USB2 on back

DVD: Sony 8x DVD/cd burner (with Nero software)
DVD: DVD rom drive
zip: 250 Zip drive
modem: 56k Modem V.92
keyboard: Microsoft Elite (old split style)
floppy: floppy drive
mouse: Optical
ethernet: yes on
operatingsys: XP-PRO
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 191t 19″ LCD black-pivots

What can I say? This system so ROCKS!! I was living in the dark ages .. I have come into the light 🙂

Did I mention that it is fast? Even with dial up the internet is faster? Don’t know why really but it is, and multi-tasking… can burn and work and surf all at the same time.

Still lots to figure out and relearn and find, only made one coaster so far! My eyes don’t hurt and my usual afternoon head ache is gone!

One very happy geek wanna be here!


New Computer coming!

Well finally the build on my new computer is happening, we are scheduled to go pick it up on Tuesday. Actually, we are taking the CPU from this ‘W98 system up so they can transfer the 4.3 gig hard drive onto the the new 120 drive and then I will take my time transferring any data that isn’t already backed up off that machine.

I will finally have a cd burner, not to mention a dvd burner, so a lot of backing up will be happening for sure once it is all in place.

I will be off line for at least a couple of days if not longer.