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Wednesday - 23 January 2008

The holiday season brought with it winter weather. From freezing temps and water lines to snow to hurricane force wind and rain back to freezing again. There has been some sun in there as well, but weather is dominate this year.   A murder of crows:   With so many gray dark days I haven’t […]

And life moves on…

Wednesday - 14 June 2006

So after 2 weeks of being totally down, I could finally do a little work, not much. The site I had been working on really wanted to go live by June 3 and we made that date! There is still much work to do on the site, but it was together enough for her to […]

Busy Busy Busy ..

Sunday - 9 October 2005

Very little time at the town house with my computer and often that time is very tired time. I am starting to miss my more tech-self, I am yearning to learn new software programs like maybe redo my CreationsDreams.net site in www.drupal.org? I need to redo this blog as well and am debating with myself […]

Baby Bear

Sunday - 8 May 2005

Last weekend late at night Russel heard a sound coming from the garden fence, using a big Mag Light he spotted a baby bear! I was so jealous that I wasn’t there to see it too… well look who strolled through our yard on Thursday:       We haven’t seen Mama Bear yet, but […]

Living in the hills

Wednesday - 13 April 2005

It seems this has become a monthly blog of mostly pictures. I hope to some time soon update my gallery, EyeSee with more of them. Not any real ‘news’ just juggling ‘town office’ and land home, trying to keep both stocked and clean in itself is a struggle. We have started the process of putting […]

Early Spring ’05

Saturday - 26 February 2005

We have had beautiful (60-70’s) and sunny weather most of the last month. Not necessarily a good thing, but lovely just the same. No real news.. just working on getting more settled at the land. It’s a long and rough road. We do live in a beautiful paradise. Quite a big woodpecker is tearing up […]