Another Birthday Past

Solfest – Bruce Cockburn

I finally had the time to put up a new front page at the Cockburn Project. I still have about a dozen or so good pictures that I will put up here and on my gallery.

Also had a birthday on the 11th.
Russel says I am finally playing with a full deck *lol*.

What other significance does ’52’ have..? Well, I was born in ’52 and there’s 52 weeks in a year, that’s about all I can think of.

We had a good day, rummage sales in Ferndale, movie (Cellular***) in Eureka and chinese dinner in Fortuna at the Hunan.

I also got a vhs tape of the Solfest show! It’s a bit shaky but the sound is good..and I used it to transcribe all the song comments for the piece I did for the Cockburn Project.