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SoHumAwareness and spring

Saturday - 21 May 2011

Within a few days after this post, with the rains continuing, Humboldt County started slipping and sliding away. Being a disaster junkie and wanting the latest up to the minute news on whether the road to town was open or not, I spent one Sunday morning, March 27, reading KymKemp.com blog and others, listening to […]

Birthday Bliss

Monday - 13 September 2010

My birthday was September 11, hard to believe I just turned 58! I really never thought I would get to be this old. After many years of not much ‘fun’ for birthdays, this year I really wanted to have some out-of-the-ordinary fun..for me at least. Thankfully I felt good and much of my energy had […]

Early Summer

Sunday - 7 June 2009

Summer Arts 2009 Well I missed both Summer and Winter Arts fairs in 2008 .. my head space just wasn’t open to much of anything. Dad’s passing has been a heart drama even though I knew he was going. This year I mark Summer Arts as the first of many, I hope, revivals of my […]

Randy Foster – RIP

Friday - 28 November 2008

Randy Foster caught his last wave Tuesday November 25 at Shelter Cove.   Gone from mystery into mystery Gone from daylight into night Another step deeper into darkness Closer to the light ~ Bruce Cockburn, Closer To The Light Wave on wave of life Like the great wide ocean’s roll Haunting hands of memory Pluck […]

Solstice Thoughts

Sunday - 16 December 2007

Last Sunday, Russel and I were both together in town, we decided to grab lunch at Flavors, while waiting in line, a woman who I have a ‘town’ relationship with came up behind us in line. I was delighted to see her, as we only have ever spent time talking in town, waiting in line […]

Carolyn passed on today

Wednesday - 31 October 2007

My friend Carolyn passed today.   After 6 hard, harder, and hardest months. I was ‘caregiving’ the last few months. I was also there with her yesterday and got to love her and hold her for a few minutes. Happy Trails Carolyn.. see you on the other side. I am happy she has passed and […]