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CockburnProject Update

Sunday - 13 November 2005

Even with the limited amount of time I have here, I did manage to update the Cockburn Project last week. Bruce is on a solo tour promoting his latest cd, Speechless which is an instrumental. I missed the one show I could have maybe gotten too, last weekend in San Fransisco. It’s just so damn […]

Busy Busy Busy ..

Sunday - 9 October 2005

Very little time at the town house with my computer and often that time is very tired time. I am starting to miss my more tech-self, I am yearning to learn new software programs like maybe redo my CreationsDreams.net site in www.drupal.org? I need to redo this blog as well and am debating with myself […]

And you run .. Time

Wednesday - 30 June 2004

….and you run to catch up with the sun buts it’s sinking…. Remember that Pink Floyd song? Time. Oh so true it is. Any way, I have my gallery almost ready from prime time. I need to upload more shots and make the galleries, and I don’t know when I will have the TIME to […]

Up to my Eye balls in Gallery!

Tuesday - 8 June 2004

I finally installed Gallery. Of course right from the start there were issues, I was using my Fantastico to install on my CPanel which my hosts had set up, it was throwing errors and rather than ask my wonderful Hosting Matters hosts, I asked at the Gallery forums, and of course they said to download […]

Growing & Changing

Thursday - 3 June 2004

I just made a whole long post with pictures and all… and lost it 🙁 This will be the quick and dirty style: – still learning the new system,printer,scanner tons of software, learning new work flows, ps7, and so much more: On another note, Frank Doran Sensei, Russel’s Aikido teacher from the bay area was […]

MT 3 – Movable Type

Monday - 17 May 2004

Well in my too busy to keep up world, I put off upgrading my MT 2.64 installation to the MT 2.66 version. Now it seems, I am really too late, as it will cost me at least $65 according to the new MT3 licenses. There has been quite a backlash at MT around these licenses: […]


Wednesday - 22 October 2003

Fall is always a busy time of year for us. This one is no different. I am pleased to have web work lining up! Russel is feeling a bit better, and is at least back to work teaching Aikido to kids at the schools. On the blogging front, yet another of my favorite reads (Between […]

Patti Linked To Me & Bees

Tuesday - 15 July 2003

First the rave part.. reading Patti’s blog is what blogging ‘for me’ is all about. (This was thegardencafe and then thepurpleprch .. but she has left the blogging world. I wish I had copied some of her stories.) I love the way she writes, the stories she tells, she can make me laugh out loud […]