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Estelle 2012 Site Live

I got this site up a few weeks ago, there’s still content to add but it is functioning and Estelle can do updates herself because it is built on WordPress, which frees me up a bit from the tedious day to day stuff.

Estelle 2012 - Estelle Fennell for District 2 Supervisor Humboldt County

Now I need to find or make a theme for this blog, my business site, and 2 other sites in pre-production.
Meanwhile spring is coming on fast and the gardens are calling.


Busy Busy Busy ..

Very little time at the town house with my computer and often that time is very tired time. I am starting to miss my more tech-self, I am yearning to learn new software programs like maybe redo my CreationsDreams.net site in www.drupal.org? I need to redo this blog as well and am debating with myself just which way to go.

Many of my web-friends are using pmachinePro, now that it is free, many have also gone to EE, www.expressionengine.com, which is not free. WP, www.wordpress.org, is very popular, but some how I don’t think I will go that way. [many years later and I did!]
Gallery 2 is now out, I started using Gallery 1 on my little EyeSee gallery, but never took it where I wanted it to go. I think I may turn this blog in to more of a photo gallery with commentary, don’t really know yet. Feels like I want to redo all my sites though, just need to start the process.

It would be good to feel passionate about this web stuff again, after the last years lull and focus on homesteading and home development, there’s less heaving lifting with web development 🙂

I just uninstalled an old Norton AntiVirus from the old W98 machine. I installed AVG Anti-virus and right now I am downloading the large virus definitions file. Then when my newer XP machine comes to the land with me, we will still be able to use the W98 for internet here in town. We haven’t connected with that machine for close to 2 years cuz of no protection.

I have had right hand thumb problems ever since I wood filled the plywood sub floor before we painted. It’s as if the extendor ligament is stretched to the limit (at night laying down trying to sleep, and really bad in the morning), I have to use my other hand to get it moving and then it is a bit stiff all day and sort of ‘popping’ out of its track, or so it seems. I started going to a chiropractor, knowing full well that I needed a full adjustment as it has been years since the last one, So she did all that and most felt better, but the thumb thing isn’t getting better, and its my typing / mouse thumb … yikes!

So Monday I go see a PT who every one raves about, and hopefully he will be able to tell me if this is fixable, or arthritis starting (oh I hope not!) This has been the other reason I haven’t spent the time I should at the computer this summer.

Once the moving of machines start, I will probably be ‘offline’ for a while. I pray our phone lines at the land aren’t as slow as many folks say. Just doesn’t seem like we can take on satellite internet just yet. I have been looking for an alternative to DirecWay, found Wild Blue, but they have no installers locally at all, and price seems to be the same. So what surfing I do will even be slower than here in town on dial up (44kbps). Guess I will add to the list of wants, needs, desires!! (along with Tivo, a pda, home theater surround sound, ipod or other mp3 player, good stereo speakers ……).

Oh, and yes, the house isn’t even near ‘done’ and there is no landscaping, outbuildings need to be created, water system needs major work.. and on and on it goes.

For my birthday though, this year, we bought a cd player for my new (10 year old) 4 Runner… a very nice Alpine which plays mp3s and wma files, and is set up to receive ipod or satellite radio. So it can grow with me. I was really getting tired of listening to old cassettes, although I found some keepers that I want to burn to cd, just need to find a cassette player and get the cords so I can transfer to this machine and clean up and burn.

Painted ‘Teresa’s Tan’ subfloor:

painted sub floor

Many rounds of wood:


Some of the cords:


Faun, from the pregnant doe, Doey, who lives close by:



Finally loaded Firefox to check a site I am working up for Russel’s Aikido school,(yes the same school and site that I have done 4 versions of now!)

And it rocks!! I do believe it will replace IE6 for me and hopefully I can convert Russel when he is on this machine too.

I haven’t decided yet whether to use Eudora or Thunderbird for email, but xp’s outlook express has gotta go. My in box is full of spam daily.

It’s been fun and a bit of a mind bender to be coding again, new stuff, if i don’t keep my head in it I will forget everything i knew, and it all changes and grows so fast that everything I knew will be worthless soon!!

So working on the homestead is still the priority, and there’s always so much to do when you are living in an unfinished house (1000 sq ft) with little infrastructure to build upon..but it is coming along and by the summer will be a much different space. I promise pictures when there is something to photo about!


This and That

Bruce Cockburn at the Mateel

Tonight’s the show. Very excited. Hope to make sound check, get some photos signed and tonight get some great shots. Wish me luck.


On other things, this should go in new post, but.. Russel has an appointment for a bone scan, the final test in the saga of trying to find out what the hell is wrong with him. This is on Friday again in SF, but this time I am not going. More on that later.

I updated the Portfolio page on my business website. Added a few new sites, and took a couple off.

I am very close to launching Russel’s Aikido For Kids, he just needs to give me some CONTENT! [still waiting!]

Much more tomorrow.. the after the show review.


Citizen of the Year – Day to Day

Estelle Fennell – Citizen of the Year

Last fall we had fires. We also had our intrepid reporter and news manager at KMUD, Estelle Fennel, who 24/7 kept us informed, went into the fire zone, and won great respect for her efforts from CDF and other locals.

Estelle Fennel has been named Citizen of the Year, by a strong vote. There will be a party in her honer on Valentines Day at the Mateel Community Center in Redway.

I am really glad to see this honor go to her. She has been the lifeline through many El Nino storms, keeps a level head and perspective to an often diverse population at odds with each other. She is fair, honest and we, are very lucky to have her.

Day to Day

In other news, Russel got a chest cold on top of what he was already dealing with. He has been home in bed most of the time since last Thursday. Poor baby,
this is so not him.

I have no Holiday Spirit.

We are going to Eureka, if he can make it, tomorrow to buy tires for the Toyota, as they are bald and we need to drive about 200 miles over hill and dale to Sacramento on Saturday to catch our flight to Michigan on Sunday.

Michigan where it was 10 degrees and snowing the last time I looked. brrrr

Give me wet windy 50’s in northern California any time.

I miss working on sites. My host (Hosting Matters) just added some new software within CPanel that is gonna be great to start playing with. I need to redo my www.creationdreams.net site. [Still needs to be done 3/15/2010 !]
And I am still waiting on content for the client site i started almost 2 months ago.
When I return from Michigan, I hope to start in earnest these web projects.


Summer Arts & Music 2003

Great fun fair.. pictures coming soon.
Sunny a bit too windy and warm but not uncomfortable.
This is a large arts/crafts/music festival on the Eel River at Benbow State Park.
It is the place where locals go to re-unite with their friends and neighbors after a long winter.
You will see everyone there…

The highlight this year for me was a steel drum band from Arcata called Pan Dulce!! There was at least 25 drummers!!

The low down for me was..

People wanting to suck me dry about web-design/digital photos and general computer stuff. Now I don’t really mind this sort of thing.. but sometimes..well it gets to me. Some would never consider hiring me .. yet they want the knowledge. I just went and looked at a website someone is making .. and asking a lot of questions about, but this site is so bad I don’t even want to comment on it.. and it is for a bunch of professionals..oh well…in time it will come to them that paying someone to do it right might just be in their best interests.

I guess just having a web presence is what they are after, although if I went there and saw that site I wouldn’t ‘buy’ anything from them.

just my 2cents..