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Giving Thanks

Sunday - 27 November 2005

I wanted to take a moment to ‘not bitch’ or complain about my life. It seems every where on the planet people are being hammered. It’s getting mighty cold in Pakistan where 1000s are homeless after the earthquake. The whole gulf coast is flattened by Katrina and Wilma and 1000s of families there have lost […]

Playing Catch-up

Thursday - 9 June 2005

I have spent most of this week in town and All day Tuesday in Eureka. It has rained most of the week, which is highly unusual for us this time of year. This weekend, starting now actually, is the Redwood Run – Harley event. The growl and roar of bikes is every where. I was […]

Living in the hills

Wednesday - 13 April 2005

It seems this has become a monthly blog of mostly pictures. I hope to some time soon update my gallery, EyeSee with more of them. Not any real ‘news’ just juggling ‘town office’ and land home, trying to keep both stocked and clean in itself is a struggle. We have started the process of putting […]

Finally a new ride and spring delights

Saturday - 12 March 2005

  1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4×4, V6, manual – fully loaded and exceptionally clean in and out!! Wheeee… finally independence from sharing Russel’s work truck. I have been without a vehicle for 5 years. The 1971 VW bus runs, but doesn’t do the roads to our homestead well. So it became a town only ride […]

Home Interior Shots

Sunday - 30 January 2005

Here are a few small pics of the interior of the house. You can easily see that it is totally not-finished, or for that matter really started, except for the paint and the absolute necessities of living. We have a long way to go.           No pics yet, but we did […]

It is Fall

Sunday - 10 October 2004

Well, I am spending more and more time at my house in the hills. This little town house has has just become a stop over place, with the exception of my computer and refrigerator and maybe more than one tv station, I don’t miss it. We brought, Kaya, our cat who we love, out last […]

Getting Ready for the Coming Rains

Tuesday - 11 November 2003

Today Russel finished insulating all our water pipes under the house. Tight crawl space under there, with his bruised rib and bad back, not really a good time, but good to have it done. I pulled all the dead squash and tomato plants out of the garden. Last weeks rain and coldness did them in. […]

Weather Cool Down Day

Friday - 22 August 2003

Finally a day of cool temps and clouds a good day to run the oven. I started early with baking zucchini breads. Then went to the farmers market and Chautauqua the local organic food store, to get some more progest cream. Came home and made an Italian tomato sauce.. all organic and all from my […]