Up to my Eye balls in Gallery!

I finally installed Gallery.
Of course right from the start there were issues, I was using my Fantastico to install on my CPanel which my hosts had set up, it was throwing errors and rather than ask my wonderful Hosting Matters hosts, I asked at the Gallery forums, and of course they said to download latest version and upload.

Well the upload took over 2 hours! And I didn’t include all the skins.
I should of asked HM, they would of saved me time, any way, it’s up and running and I have sooo many questions that just don’t seem to be asked or answered at the forums.

I will post them tomorrow and see where to go from here. I know I will customize it’s looks, but I really don’t think that will be a problem. It’s more questions like,
“Can I run the reconfiguration wizard as many times as I need?”

“Can I use one install of Gallery in my root space for add-on-domains which are in the same web space?”

and on and on…
Like I said..up to my eyeballs…

Also need an outline of a good work flow for the photos, do all the sizing myself? Let Gallery do it? Fastest way to upload, remember 56k running at 44k here.

[I never got very far with that Gallery install.. just started it and moved on. It is here. I plan on a whole new Gallery – WP – photos development, once this site is live again ~bobbi / 22march2010.]


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    Tina said: on wednesday – 9 june 2004 – 07:05 pm

    Easiest thing to do is to edit the congig file by hand and then just upload it. (Make a separate folder on your HD for all to save all of your modified files in, that way you always have the originals.

    Or…….you can run config wizard any time. The easiest and fastest way to do this is my using SSH. (Download the free SSH client called PuTTY.

    I’m ‘Roo’ of course over at the forums and I recently posted the step by step for using the SSH for re-running the config, so a search for my user name will bring up my posts.

    You can install as many Galleries as you like…I have my normal Gallery, and then I have a test one running the latest version..I simply created the directory demo, so now I have /demo/gallery as well as my working Gallery. Is that what you mean?

  2. admin Post author

    gaile said: on monday – 14 june 2004 – 01:30 am

    Hi! Once you find your way around it’s not too bad. The newer version has a lot more in the config file, so be careful what you change manually (older versions were easier to just change on the file and then reload, but there are a ton of choices now).

    I was part of the team that wrote the installation guide (wonder if my name is still in there)? And I have tutorials for wrapping Gallery in your site layout here: [dead link] – they were written “pre-skins”, but the basic setup is the same. Email me if you need some assistance, I’d be glad to help out with any questions you have.

  3. admin Post author

    bobbi said: on monday – 14 june 2004 – 08:17 am

    Thanks Tina, I emailed you.
    Hi Gaile, yes I know about your tutorials, I have them printed right here in front of me 😉
    and your name is on the guide for sure!
    The newest version does seem quite a bit different than the past ones, in that many forum threads just don’t apply any more.
    I have a lot to figure out.
    Thanks for the offer of help. You know I will take you up on it.

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