Patti Linked To Me & Bees

First the rave part.. reading Patti’s blog is what blogging ‘for me’ is all about. (This was thegardencafe and then thepurpleprch .. but she has left the blogging world. I wish I had copied some of her stories.)
I love the way she writes, the stories she tells, she can make me laugh out loud and cry, she was an inspiration for me to find my own words.
Now maybe this linking is just some auto script on her site, as i haven’t listed anyone else but her on my ‘blog feed’ yet, after all, I am not even officially live.
Well, I guess I am now!
But really …. this is very cool, I hope any one who comes here now will come back later when i have had time to blog a bit and get the rest of the site going.
I do have things to say.. rants and to share and lots of stories of living in the hills…

Like how about this: We have a colony huge colony of bees living in the ground right between our house and our garden. Now we haven’t id’d them yet, there seems to be yellowjackets for sure, maybe a digger kind of bee, and a giant hornet type.. and maybe a hundred visible mounds. They look a little like ant hills until you get close and see that on some of them the holes on the top are 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide!!! This is really scary stuff ya know, hornets multiply quick and they can eat ya alive!!

We put out some sticky traps today to try and get an idea of who is living there, will hate to use poison, but may have no choice.
I hope to get pictures this week and will post any up that turn out…them bees fly fast ya know?!