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Bruce Cockburn – Solfest 2007 on Flickr

Monday - 27 August 2007

Bruce Cockburn – Solfest 2007 I put a lot of photos up at my Flickr acct: www.flickr.com CreationDreams’ Bruce Cockburn – Solfest 2007 photoset Also JJ, another photographer has her’s up now too: Photos by Jerri-Jo Idarius. She has a section of just Bruce on stage photos, and an audience grouping… I am in there […]

And then the sun came back!

Thursday - 9 February 2006

And things are starting to dry up a bit. The road is holding its own for now, but here are a couple of pictures, which really don’t do it justice:   The road is now only half that width, this was taken in the beginning of the storms.   Over the side into the creek […]


Sunday - 18 December 2005

Playing with new Flickr account Playing with a new Flickr account. Took about 50 photos of mushrooms near our home. More are coming when I get this account set up the way I want it. One thing will be to set up the Flickr template for ‘blog this’ to fit this here blog style/code a […]