Garberville and all of Southern Humboldt is covered in smoke from the Canoe fire burning on the north coast/King Range/Honeydew area. This is from CDF’s web site:

“Inaccessibility continues to hamper containment efforts along with hot dry weather on the Canoe fire. Fire intensity increased in the late afternoon and evening yesterday expanding the fire to 1,993 acres. The fire crossed the southern containment line along with numerous spots. Additionally, the fire was very active in the northeast portion of the fire. Containment is a concern as the fire expands toward the indirect line under current weather conditions.”

Fire red sun in Garberville

There is now also fear that the fire may start to encroach on human habitats namely – the northern most part of the Salmon Creek area. Voluntary evacuation is now in effect for the folks way up that hill.

I have only lived in So Hum for 12 years, and since then we have not had a fire of this size this close to us. So far we have been lucky in that no buildings have been lost, or lives for that matter.

My heart goes out to those in so many other areas that haven’t been so lucky, to lose all you have worked so hard for in a heartbeat…whether it is fire or water or wind, it just hurts.

By the way..
Autumn Equinox blessings to us one and all.