Summer Arts & Music 2003

Great fun fair.. pictures coming soon.
Sunny a bit too windy and warm but not uncomfortable.
This is a large arts/crafts/music festival on the Eel River at Benbow State Park.
It is the place where locals go to re-unite with their friends and neighbors after a long winter.
You will see everyone there…

The highlight this year for me was a steel drum band from Arcata called Pan Dulce!! There was at least 25 drummers!!

The low down for me was..

People wanting to suck me dry about web-design/digital photos and general computer stuff. Now I don’t really mind this sort of thing.. but sometimes..well it gets to me. Some would never consider hiring me .. yet they want the knowledge. I just went and looked at a website someone is making .. and asking a lot of questions about, but this site is so bad I don’t even want to comment on it.. and it is for a bunch of professionals..oh well…in time it will come to them that paying someone to do it right might just be in their best interests.

I guess just having a web presence is what they are after, although if I went there and saw that site I wouldn’t ‘buy’ anything from them.

just my 2cents..