Finally loaded Firefox to check a site I am working up for Russel’s Aikido school,(yes the same school and site that I have done 4 versions of now!)

And it rocks!! I do believe it will replace IE6 for me and hopefully I can convert Russel when he is on this machine too.

I haven’t decided yet whether to use Eudora or Thunderbird for email, but xp’s outlook express has gotta go. My in box is full of spam daily.

It’s been fun and a bit of a mind bender to be coding again, new stuff, if i don’t keep my head in it I will forget everything i knew, and it all changes and grows so fast that everything I knew will be worthless soon!!

So working on the homestead is still the priority, and there’s always so much to do when you are living in an unfinished house (1000 sq ft) with little infrastructure to build upon..but it is coming along and by the summer will be a much different space. I promise pictures when there is something to photo about!