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Odd WP Doings

After working all day yesterday tweaking the style sheet for styling, today after login in I am being taken to an ‘old’ front page of OnMyBeat in MT! How strange as I removed the file from the server and checked that is was still there.

My hosting providers must have done a reboot of some kind and replaced it. Will have to contact Annette and ask, but off to town for the moment.

Oh and I have a ‘jump’ when clicking on the header that just showed up as well. Will have to have someone trouble shoot that one for me.


Migrating OnMyBeat from MT to WP

This process may take a lot of time. [this is now done]
I will try to do this transfer as quickly as possible.
But I still have to get a WordPress theme into place before I start that part. Yes I could of hidden all this, but really how many people really check in here? I hope to change that with a WP install, and comments live again.

I am going to go with this super simple and plain theme to start. I will do some colors/ fonts/ backgrounds/images and such customizing then get to the process of transferring all the posts and images.


Comment Spam

OK – I’m back with a few other tidbits.
My little blog here got slammed with spam comments the other week.
For awhile I removed all abilitiy to comment, but not liking that, I finally downloaded and set up Jay Allens MT-Blacklist, which I had never done as it didn’t seem necessary. Now I just need to remember to go and get the latest spam ids, and hopefully that won’t happen again.


Validation or not

Finally got this page to validate.
Still having a weird image not show problem when trying to use those tiny buttons (Steal These Buttons) seen everywhere, don’t know what’s up with that just yet.
And so far the css isn’t validated, (it was at one time, but changes have been made), it tells me to validate xhtml first! (ah..it is!)
Ok too hot to do any more,
I did update the side bar some and fixed some other little things.
More later.


Bruce Cockburn Coming to Mystic Theater

Bruce Cockburn – songwriter/singer/guitarist extraordinaire..will be at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma July 29, 2003. Of course i am going, 3+hours drive down, booked the motel room today.
If you come here often you will hear lots about this man and his music.
BTW..it is pronounced ‘co-burn’.
Even the name of this blog …On My Beat…. comes from one of his more recent songs My Beat.

Edited to add: the link above is throwing this page out of validation because a former webmaster at the Cockburn Project used ‘songs&music’ as a directory name, and now when linked in XHTML the ‘&’ throws an error. Maybe someday that will be fixed on the project, but as there are thousands of links to that directory, not any time soon. (So I have to decide if I want to link direct to the songs — which i was really planning on doing a lot, or just explain under the validation tag that that is what’s throwing the validation off. Drats.)

I have a section on another site that tells a little about him, but if you want the whole deal, you need to check out the Cockburn Project.

Ok I am having a heck of a time with the styling of links within the blog body..not sure why but don’t have time to trouble shoot the css right now, will get to it soon though as this ain’t workin’ the way i want@!

Oh and now i see that when i have an extended entry – ‘there’s more’
the permalinks line of links doesn’t have the hover effect.
Now why would that be?
And and i can’t seem to get the hover effect to work even with a new class inside the blog body text?

And looking in N6.. all works as it should.
Damn my ancient system and IE5…
and the fonts look too small in N6 and too big in IE5.
And the laptop is gone so i can’t check in IE6.


OnMyBeat domain is Live

Whooo–hoo! On My Beat domain is live!

On My Beat.net is now live!
As all things in my life seem to be works in progress, no doubt this will be too.
Gonna be tweaking this site all day trying to get it templated to a livable working model.

IE6 check

I am using a friends laptop to check out OnMyBeat.
All seems to be ok, i think the font in the posts section is a bit large,
yet too small if i lower it for N6. I hate the way colors are displayed on this lcd…i don’t know if all lcds are like this one or not.
And if i ever go the laptop route i will have to have an ergonomic keyboard, kind of defeats the purpose, no?

More on the color issues

14 July 2003

I e-talked with a friend today who confirmed that what i see on my crt screen and what shes sees on her lcd laptop are not one and the same, or really even close. This is too bad. I do like the color scheme, as i see it, that i have going here and else where, but i am thinking that i will change to a lighter/ meaning white with a few color accents for the blog. Now when this will happen is any ones’ guess *lol* in my ample amount of free time!

Did set up more categories in mt and did more tweaking for N6 and IE6.. still stuff to do before really going live with this.

New CSS – layout

15 July 2003
I know i said just yesterday that i wasn’t gonna change this style for awhile, but i just couldn’t stand the thought of all those with lcd screens looking at the ‘old’ site.
This is a far lighter brighter color scheme and the structure is different. Do you like it? I haven’t had time to do the validations yet, maybe later tonight or tomorrow. Slowly adding in sidebar stuff and that too will be in flux for a bit, and i need to link to a few static pages yet to be done as well.
And i really need to do a different layout on the archive pages, what’s there worked with the other design, but not so with this one. Maybe just adding a picture or two will help there.

Is the font too small?

16 July 2003
I use IE5 (i know i know!) and the font when set at :
font-size: small; or
font-size: 1em; or
font-size: 11px;
is just too darn large with ie, but when looking at it with N6..it looks much better.
Yet when I change to
font-size: x-small;
all is good on IE but looks too small on N6.
I run a 17″ /crt/ 1024×768 with text set to medium.

What to do? I guess if readers (are there any readers?– note to self, get tracker and sitemeter for this site) complain about too tiny fonts i will change.


Honey’s Home

Honey’s Home!
(Russel was at Aikido Summer Camp for the last week while I was getting Movable Type blog up and running.)
Good to have him back, but my computer focus time will be less now.
I am glad I had a week to get MT up and sort of happening.
What I will need from it in the real world is still an unknown.
Seeing some of the plugins and other stuff people are using is awesome.

Next step is really doing the category archives testing..
then the SSI testing, and with that some of the MT modules.
Not sure when to use which yet.

Then think about the real site..design wise and what it’s needs are.


Movable Type in the beginning

First Post

Well this was way easier than I had anticipated. Perhaps it helped that I read everything and asked tons of questions first though.

2nd Post

Gotta go eat lunch.
Then need to find a better css template to play with until I can make my own.
Also gonna go see about Amy’s photoblog template and buy new domain name for photo blog.

As always it seems, I should of tried this long ago.
I may still (I’ll bet on it) run into problems as I figure out what MT can do and how to do it, but geez the installation was really easy when i just did it! And this all seems to work well.
It may help that I can read the code and figure out what needs to be done.

Revamped template

19 June 2003
I redid the index template and css. It wasn’t that hard.
I have to learn the MT tags and their use.
This is coming to me much faster than I thought.
I guess knowing xhtml/css helps in a big way 😉

I just pulled the basic colors off creationdreams.net for this.
It is temporary..or i may use this layout for a blog within cd.net
Not sure yet.

3rd times the charm

This is the third main index template and css file.
I like the layout better before the changes, but N6 didn’t.
I haven’t had anyone look at this in IE6 or any other browsers as yet.

I keep reminding myself this is for testing, but i just may use it for a bit
so i want to make it right. Both the css and xhtml validate…

I have lots more to tweak this if i am using it. Fonts/sizing styling issues mostly. I may use the top part as a picture file until i can do Amy’s tutorial and make a photo blog like hers. Which is what i want to do at this time. Can’t possibly think about learning Gallery right now!
I have a new Camera (Canon G3) to figure out and MT..

Archiving!! ughhhh

25 June 2003
Trying to wrap my brain around this archiving thing.
I actually know (I think..unless someone can correct my way of thinking) how I want it to work, but implementing it hasn’t worked.
I did manage to add in the weblog/config, an archive file template
for a different archive date format.. and it worked.
But I am having no luck with any thing else I am trying to do.

I have read and printed out (took 2+hours!) the MT Manual. (Remember I am on dial up)
I have re-read it many times.
I have read all of June /May on the MT forums Templates/Tips/General board.
I have read and gone back to:
girlie matters
mt wiki
empty pages
countless times…..
I need help!!!

Archiving revisited

Well I figured out that part of my problem in not being able to do what I had hoped was that I had Monthly set up as preference in Weblog/config..changing it to Individual helps heaps 🙂

I still want to be able to pull up the Monthly Archive page..the link off the side bar that says June 2003 and just have a list of entries that link to the individual entry.
Should be simple.
I just don’t know if I create a new Monthly Archive Template? or just change code in one of the other ones– Dated-based? It seems that that file could be being used by other pages as well though??

I am so used to setting up my own site with directory structures / knowing where the files are .. having this program do it for me causes some confusion.

But hey!
It’s been less than a week and I am learning.

Glimmers of light…

26 June 2003

Finally starting to ‘grok’ this archiving/templating thing. Yeah!!
Of course I haven’t even started to figure out the category archiving yet..maybe later today.
I guess it’s time to have someone who knows MT and has been using it awhile, to take a look, and tell me of the errors of my ways in the way it is set up right now.

Pool time..(neighbor Linda’s pool in town)
it will be 100 degrees today ….as it was yesterday…

Tweaks to be done

Add permalink as timestamp to bottom of individual entries and remove the day and date.
On the blog index keep permalink as the title but give it a title tag in the url link, remove the day but keep the time.
Make an archive master by month using : 00:00:00: entry title-link and dirified format.
The same with just the monthly template.
Start the category indexes-master and individuals and see how that goes.

Then start on redesign and get the domain set up.
And move from test blog to the real deal as a new blog.

Then figure out the photoblog tut from Amy and start getting the pictures up. And learning the camera and photography better.

That’s it for now.

MT has been installed one week today.
I think I have made pretty good head way here.

Still need to know if i am over archiving.

Hot time

27 June 2003
Well I did get a few of the tweaks done. I still have a lot to do.
Especially if I use this site style..not sure yet.
Mostly trying to learn how to make things happen, so far so good.
Maybe start work on categories next, and master archive indexes,
although i don’t have much here yet.

Going to swim and get the heat fuzzys out of my head.
More later..

Rebuilding-server issues

I need to ask someone about this. It isn’t an issue now as this is a test blog and there are only a few entries, and at this point only individual and monthly archives.
I just took a peek at my server space to see what MT does over there and there were tons of files in folders that I know i am not using as I changed directory structure a couple of time. I deleted a lot of stuff and hope I didn’t delete any thing I will need.
So this is a test to see what gets added.

Well I just checked and it seemed to add an index file to a directory I emptied a ton of files out of!!
Oh well everything still seems to be working.
I do need to formulate a question and ask someone though.
I’d hate to have my disc space fill up with unnecessary junk files and need to understand what I can delete and shouldn’t.

That’s all for now..

Confused about this

28 June 2003
It looks to me like MT is making files in a folder that i deleted a ton of stuff from, but everything i have posted and all the archives i have made are still working right.
I guess i will wait for some enlightenment about this and some general ‘how-to’ on the rebuilding/some/all types of things.
It would seem that if you had a very large site rebuilding the whole thing would take forever. I know that SSI’s will take care of some of the rebuilding, but can it replace most of it?

This is what my web space for MT related stuff looks like now:(this is old data)
photos/all my images at this time
/0306/text files for all my entries
AND THE INDEX (good) (this is the monthly archive of individual entries)
/2003/June/ index.shtml- but this directory structure is not what i am using for the ind/or monthly arhicve file template? Yet it does get updated with each entry??
2003_06.shtml – this is an older file as well that i think was the original monthly as it is not being updates i think i can delete this one as well.

I guess the question is this then?
i need the /2003/june/ folder structure for files?
Even though i am using the 0306/ archive date format for ind and monthly index templates?

Guess i am gonna have to send someone here, and really didn’t want to make this blog public at the moment.

Too long!!

6 July 2003

It’s been almost a week!
I haven’t had the time to work on this at all.
Now I need to remember the little bit i learned last week, and start to figure out the category archiving stuff. Times flying and i want to get the real deal up and running by mid month.

How to get rid..

7 July 2003

of the cat_ in front of the dirified category title?
I know i need to use a archive file template, yet none i have tried work??? I want the category sections to just be, for example:
I did manage to get a new Category Index template in place,
using an Index template for the category archives master index, was the key there.

Update: i did figure this out, seems that i needed to remove the old files that had cat_ in front before it would read the new dirifed title name. Of course after hours of hair pulling and figuring it out myself, i read on the MT boards that one needs to manually delete the old files!
That should be highlighted somewhere *lol*
Pity the folks who aren’t too familar with their webhosting space.

Time to move on with it!

8 July 2003
Well I have been playing with and figuring out MT for 2 weeks. I feel that the rest will come as i use the program and it time to start blogging for real.

I wanted this avenue of expression for a reason, many reasons really.
The site is going to be in a constant flux of change over the next little whiles, while i work out the css/colors/ and other formatting.
I need to figure out if i can easily delete categories and start fresh, or if i should just keep this as a test blog and start a new ‘real’ one.

Still lots to do here….

10 July 2003
It seems to take me much longer to ‘put the site together’ using MT.
I guess its just the unfamilar codes, but also the rebuilds to see what’s happening take so long..i wish there was a more ‘text editor’ type approach with it.
I am so busy in other parts of life i haven’t had much time to spend here, so for the moment i am going with this styling and will wait maybe till winter to change. There are still tons of tweaking to do, and then the ssi’s which i hope will speed along any further changes. Have to rethink categories and make them more descriptive and meaningful,
and the titles as well.

OnMyBeat.net is purchased, dns is set to my host and i successfully created the add on domain tonight. I am still having trouble accessing the site, it only has a pitiful index.shtml file there at the moment, because i am debating whether to just change the web log config for this ‘testblog’ to point to the new folder OR just start fresh with these templates and configurations minus the posts which i may or may not add later.
I am looking forward to blogging about something other than getting the site in MT ready *lol*