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Odd WP Doings

Thursday - 18 February 2010

After working all day yesterday tweaking the style sheet for styling, today after login in I am being taken to an ‘old’ front page of OnMyBeat in MT! How strange as I removed the file from the server and checked that is was still there. My hosting providers must have done a reboot of some […]

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Migrating OnMyBeat from MT to WP

Sunday - 14 February 2010

This process may take a lot of time. [this is now done] I will try to do this transfer as quickly as possible. But I still have to get a WordPress theme into place before I start that part. Yes I could of hidden all this, but really how many people really check in here? […]

Comment Spam

Friday - 30 July 2004

OK – I’m back with a few other tidbits. My little blog here got slammed with spam comments the other week. For awhile I removed all abilitiy to comment, but not liking that, I finally downloaded and set up Jay Allens MT-Blacklist, which I had never done as it didn’t seem necessary. Now I just […]

Validation or not

Sunday - 27 July 2003

Finally got this page to validate. Still having a weird image not show problem when trying to use those tiny buttons (Steal These Buttons) seen everywhere, don’t know what’s up with that just yet. And so far the css isn’t validated, (it was at one time, but changes have been made), it tells me to […]

Bruce Cockburn Coming to Mystic Theater

Monday - 14 July 2003

Bruce Cockburn – songwriter/singer/guitarist extraordinaire..will be at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma July 29, 2003. Of course i am going, 3+hours drive down, booked the motel room today. If you come here often you will hear lots about this man and his music. BTW..it is pronounced ‘co-burn’. Even the name of this blog …On My […]

OnMyBeat domain is Live

Sunday - 13 July 2003

Whooo–hoo! On My Beat domain is live! On My Beat.net is now live! As all things in my life seem to be works in progress, no doubt this will be too. Gonna be tweaking this site all day trying to get it templated to a livable working model. IE6 check I am using a friends […]

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Honey’s Home

Saturday - 28 June 2003

Honey’s Home! (Russel was at Aikido Summer Camp for the last week while I was getting Movable Type blog up and running.) Good to have him back, but my computer focus time will be less now. I am glad I had a week to get MT up and sort of happening. What I will need […]

Movable Type in the beginning

Tuesday - 17 June 2003

First Post Well this was way easier than I had anticipated. Perhaps it helped that I read everything and asked tons of questions first though. 2nd Post Gotta go eat lunch. Then need to find a better css template to play with until I can make my own. Also gonna go see about Amy’s photoblog […]

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