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Bruce Cockburn – Rio Theatre – Santa Cruz

We made the trek down to Santa Cruz to see Bruce on Friday July 12 at the Rio Theatre. It’s a good 7 hour drive from here without stops.. good thing we went a day early so we had some energy recovery time!

We cruised by the Rio on Friday afternoon to check it out.

Rio Theatre

I was hoping to catch sound check, but that didn’t happen. I did talk to Russ Cole, who did sound for Bruce, who said he did a very long sound check.

It was a sunny bright day in Santa Cruz and I was very excited to see Bruce as it has been 14 months since the last time at the Van Duzer Theater.

Look How Far:

We were told by someone inside to come back at 6pm for will call, so of course we got there even earlier to find out that Will Call wasn’t until 7pm! So there was one line for General Admission and one line for Gold Circle (first 15 rows) and most everyone in those lines had to also get in the will call line to get the actual tickets.. quite a little tense fiasco by the time the doors got open. But I love talking to fans in line, meeting new people, re-meeting others from meets at other shows, and of course connecting with good friends, like Riley and Kathy (who we first met at the Arcata Theater Lounge show. And Paul from the 2002 Kate Wolf Festival.

There were a few surprises in the setlist this time around,
and Russel snagged the original and had Bruce sign it after the show.

Grim Travellers and Understanding Nothing I have not heard live in a very long time, and it was good to hear.

Understanding Nothing:


There is always so much energy at these shows, the banter back and forth with the crowd.. the calling of songs to be played, often with Bruce commenting on them. Someone asked for Tropic Moon, he said, “that’s a good song and I don’t think I have ever had anyone ask for it” (paraphrased). Someone also asked for Lord of the Starfields, which I believe he said ‘was a great song and very close to his heart, but now he was not going to play that one now’.

Here is something that he did play though: When You Give It Away

direct link


Bruce also did a meet and greet and signage after the show. The line was long and Bruce was visibly tired, but he graciously signed and spoke with his adoring fans.

Once again I had the photo from the last time we met and he signed it for me. We chatted for a couple of seconds, he said he had thought he would see me at the Grass Valley show, and I said I had planned to go there, but when the chance of guaranteed close to the stage seating was offered with the Rio show, how could I refuse? He said, “I hear you on that” and we laughed.. older bodies, ya know??

I knew he was driving back to San Fransisco that evening and leaving the next day for Grass Valley for his WorldFest gig on Sunday the 14th at around 6pm.. (3 hours from now as I write this wishing I could be there as well), so I threw him a heart kiss and we left.


I didn’t get a photo of us taken this time, so I guess the run of signing photos from past shows is over, but it was a good run. One day I will gather them all and make another blog post about that.


Anything can happen
To put out the light,
Is it any wonder
I don’t want to say goodnight?

I also did a show report for the CockburnProject that includes the setlist and has even more photos and videos. (scroll down)

All the photos of Bruce on this page are by Riley Quarles.
All the videos are also from Riley – go visit his YouTube page. Thanks Riley!!


Last Night of the World ? !

Well I had to add this.. Happy Solstice Eve.

[Seems my videos are not playing using the latest Firefox browser..that is a first..must fix..they do work on Chrome.
A note on how I fixed this: “Try turning off hardware acceleration for Flash, that can sometimes resolve issues with Flash videos not playing. Right-click on any Flash video, click “Settings”, select the Display tab and uncheck “Enable hardware acceleration” … now they play again!]


Bruce Cockburn Van Duzer Theater Arcata

I had been looking forward to this show since it was announced in August of 2011! And it was worth the wait.

I think this makes about 30 shows over the years for me. I have never sat in the front row, been close to that, but never there. This time our tickets (which were comp-ed btw) were all the way to the back of the theater, against the wall and I was bummed. One of the ushers at the Van Duzer suggested we ask at box office for an upgrade. Russel did this, and through his wonderful personality scored us front row seats!

Bruce Cockburn ticket Van Duzer Theater Arcata 29 April 2012

Interesting sitting there, so close, being able to really see Bruce and his fingers on the guitars, and watch the slight expressions cross his face.
He, as per usual, had his eyes closed more than open. Personally I think the sound would of been better back a bit, but not complaining!

There were many friends there, lots of socializing. Jenny Scheinman was in attendance, just about a week away from giving birth to her second child. I saw MJ and Iona (Bruce’s family) during the break, and got my boldness on and approached, introduced myself to MJ and she acknowledged that she had heard of me (don’t know if this was good stuff or bad LOL!). I gave her a small gift I had picked up for Iona, we had a brief exchange and it was time for the second set to start. Glad to have finally met her and got to see Iona, who seems to handle the crowds just fine.

I won’t go through the whole setlist, here’s a copy of the setlist scan that Russel grabbed off the stage after the show.

Bruce Cockburn setlist Van Duzer Arcata 29April2012

And rather than talk about the show I’ll let you listen to many of the songs:

Bohemian Three Step


When You Give It Away


Strange Waters


Arrows of Light


Pacing the Cage




Bruce Talks About Rocket Launcher


If I Had A Rocket Launcher


Wondering Where the Lions Are


If A Tree Falls


Bruce On Twelve String
God Bless the Children


Put It In Your Heart


Comets of Kandahar


There was a meet and greet after, the line wasn’t as long as I had seen in the past, but he did do a version of this here in Arcata 2010.

Bruce Cockburn and Zoe

I had many friends in line and was busy talking with them while we waited. One friend and her 16 year old daughter were there. This was the daughters first time seeing Bruce, having just recently started appreciating his music (Mom’s a fan). Her mother said, “her soul was stirred” and “it was one of the highlights of her life so far” and “Ancestors” was her favorite song of all. I think this is very cool, to have a whole new generation of Bruce fans, as most of the crowd was over 40 and many over 60 easily.

And in keeping with the theme I seem to have created, when it was my turn to briefly have Bruce’s attention I had him sign a photo of the 2 of us from the late ’80s, 1989 I think, at the Zellerbach Theater in Berkeley.

Bruce Cockburn and Bobbi Wisby 2012 Arcata Van Duzer

Bruce Cockburn and Bobbi Wisby 1989 Zellerbach Berkeley,  signed 2012 Arcata

Bruce Cockburn and Bobbi Wisby at Van Duzer Theater Arcata 29 April 2012

Bruce Cockburn and Bobbi Wisby at Van Duzer Theater Arcata 29 April 2012

Bruce Cockburn and Bobbi Wisby at Van Duzer Theater Arcata 29 April 2012

Bruce Cockburn and Bobbi Wisby at Van Duzer Theater Arcata 29 April 2012

I have to mention that the evening started out blissfully as we visited with friends, who we met first at the Arcata Theater Lounge 2010. show, and have stayed in touch through FB and brief meetups at other Bruce shows. This was the first chance we have had to converse about something besides Bruce. They have a most lovely home and I hope the friendship can continue to grow.

One of the things I love about going to see Bruce is that he has some really cool fans! And I love meeting new fans and greeting old fans, some people I only ever see at Bruce’s shows, so it almost always feels a bit like home.

Bruce Cockburn and Jan Bramlett  at Van Duzer Theater Arcata 29 April 2012

Bruce Cockburn and Jan Bramlett at Van Duzer Theater Arcata 29 April 2012

Bruce Cockburn and Gillian Brown at Van Duzer Theater Arcata 29 April 2012

Bruce Cockburn and Gillian Brown at Van Duzer Theater Arcata 29 April 2012

Oh I did I mention? He played After the Rain. And Ancestors moved me more than it ever has before.


Bruce Cockburn and Jenny Scheinman at Kate Wolf

I just put together a front page article at the CockburnProject.net about the Bruce and Jenny show at the Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival.
I will fill in more details here in a few days.

Here are some more photos I took:

Bruce Cockburn and Jenny Scheinman 26June2011 Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival

Bruce Cockburn and Jenny Scheinman 26June2011 Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival

Bruce Cockburn and Jenny Scheinman 26June2011 Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival

Bruce Cockburn, Jenny Scheinman and the Wailin Jennys 26June2011 Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival

The Wailin’ Jennys join Bruce and Jenny for the last 2 songs of the set.


And now for some music:

(Lovers in a Dangerous Time – http://youtu.be/pGM9pS-rC0M )



( Iris of the World – http://youtu.be/XayBOT0UeZ0 )



The Wailin’ Jennys joined Bruce and Jenny for this one:

( Waiting For A Miracle – http://youtu.be/HFG_3ZpxJ-Q )




Many thanks to Riley Q. for the video! And here is a photo from Riley of Bruce and Jenny // and the totem poles as you enter the festival.

Bruce Cockburn and Jenny Scheinman at Kate Wolf 2011 - Photo Riley Quarles




And a couple more photos compliments of Kim Sallaway, taken during the afternoon soundcheck.

Bruce Cockburn - soundcheck - Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival 2011

Bruce Cockburn - soundcheck - Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival 2011




Kim Sallaway sent me even more great photos — you can find them HERE.




Ticket Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival 26June2011



SoHumAwareness and spring

Within a few days after this post, with the rains continuing, Humboldt County started slipping and sliding away.

Being a disaster junkie and wanting the latest up to the minute news on whether the road to town was open or not, I spent one Sunday morning, March 27, reading KymKemp.com blog and others, listening to KMUD.org and KHUM.com and checking their websites and twitter feeds, and reading Facebook pages trying to get the most current info.

Frustrated I contacted Kym Kemp, who seemed to have the steadiest flow of current info and asked if she thought a Facebook page where all this info could be compiled in one place was a good idea. She said Yes! And a few hours later I had the SoHum Awareness facebook page created, added both Kym Kemp and Estelle Fennell as admins to keep the content flowing and we were off and running. We had 300 people ‘liking’ the page within 24 hours, and over a 1000 a week later.

No sooner did Briceland Road get a temp repair to one lane, with full photo commentary on that, than the huge slide on Highway 101 happened. The inability to move around our rural area stresses people to the max. Kids at the high school were on one side of the slide and parents on the other..no way for buses to be able to travel the only other road, snowy muddy mountainous ‘local’ roads that unless you live on them, most people have never driven.

This launched the SoHum Awareness facebook page into full throttle, it was 10 days of constant updates and comments on how to get anywhere from here, the conditions of the roads that were available.

And then there was and still is the massive landslide at Dobbyn Creek threatening homes and roads, the landslide in Benbow taking away a persons land, and other slides throughout the county.

We were busy.

And then there were missing persons, accidents, other road closures.

Over the last several weeks I have been pulling the data from SoHum Awareness facebook page and Kym’s blog and other sources into a website that will act as the archive for SoHum Awareness facebook page, as well as a place for those to go who don’t want to go to Facebook for any reason (SoHum Awareness facebook page is a public page anyone can read the content.. you don’t need a facebook account) or don’t want to go to Kym’s blog either, as she has marijuana related articles on there as well as local info.

I have always been ‘into’ disaster preparedness, I look at SoHum Awareness facebook page as the beginning of gathering locals to pay more attention to how fragile our connection with the rest of the world is. We can be cut off in a hurry and for lengths of time. We need more organization around these issues, and I believe this page and website will help further that goal. We are already connected to county roads, CalTrans, Southern Humboldt Technical Response, CalFire, Briceland Volunteer Fire Department, and the list will keep growing. And as always it is the work of the few to benefit the good of the many. I hope to get more locals involved with the different tech systems available to map incidents, to help when things go terribly wrong.

The page is being used daily by local news broadcasters to gather info, (too bad they don’t acknowledge where they pull that info from in their reports).

I hope to have the website for SoHum Awareness facebook page up and live by the end of the month, it all depends on things slowing down so I can catch up to the current news.

So that is why I haven’t worked on this blog lately or my other websites that I am moving on the WordPress platform.


salad greens shade house

Shade House for the salad greens!

And then spring was finally here, which meant for me, getting the lettuce / herbs / salad greens beds happening.. and buying starts for everything. Planning the garden and getting it in. We also got a small greenhouse up (one of those steel pole poly types) to get some starts going and to house the early stuff till the weather in the garden is warm enough.



And tonight maybe Rapture !


Remembering Carolyn

Today I planted out a Lavender bush in honor of my departed friend Carolyn. Today is her birthday.

Carolyn Winthers

Carolyn Winthers nov 2006

There you go
Swimming deeper into mystery
Here I remain
Only seeing where you used to be
Stared at the ceiling
‘Til my ears filled up with tears
Never got to know you
Suddenly you’re out of here

Gone from mystery into mystery
Gone from daylight into night
Another step deeper into darkness
Closer to the light

Walked outside
Summer moon was nearly down
Mist on the fields
Holy stillness all around
Death’s no stranger
No stranger than the life I’ve seen
Still I cry
Still I begged to get you back again

Gone from mystery into mystery
Gone from daylight into night
Another step deeper into darkness
Closer to the light
~Closer to the Light by Bruce Cockburn

Listen here:

Loved you.
March 31, 1953 – October 31, 2007


Bruce Cockburn – Arcata Theater Lounge

Bruce Cockburn Arcata 2010

So any one who knows me realizes I have a deep love and respect for Bruce Cockburn.. this isn’t JUST a ‘favorite musician’ type of thing.
Over the 30 years I have listened and loved Bruce’s songs they have been the soundtrack to my life, whether it was falling in or out of love, in spiritual dispair or rapture, being mad as hell at the world and what was happening to the planet or other peoples, or just being, he was there for me.
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