Solstice Thoughts

Last Sunday, Russel and I were both together in town, we decided to grab lunch at Flavors, while waiting in line, a woman who I have a ‘town’ relationship with came up behind us in line. I was delighted to see her, as we only have ever spent time talking in town, waiting in line or standing in the PO parking lot.. but we are connected at some deep emotional level. I really love this woman, and we both think it is time to actually move the relationship forward to maybe at least emails? phone calls?

I know how weird this must sound, but living in the wilderness as so many of us do here, town is where we meet up. And often ‘getting together’ is in town as well, as getting to each others homes could be a 2+ hour drive on some knarly roads.

And while this was taking place, 3 other very good friends who I haven’t seen in awhile got in line, and then another… it was serendipity for sure. Being there at that exact moment, unplanned, and getting all this wonderful woman energy.

As did getting all the baby energy from friends with babies over the Thanksgiving weekend. After most of a year with none, I saw and connected with 3 different wonderful baby people. This is the best heart chakra medicine of all.

Fall has moved into Winter.. with Solstice in a few days and the beginning of the return of light. This I welcome as it will lighten my spirit.

As the calendar years draws to a close, I usually tend to think of the things I wanted to do and didn’t or places I wanted to go but didn’t.

This year I am determined to focus on the wonderful life we have, living in a place as beautiful as we do. Having our health and being
more and more self-reliant all the time. I do want to draw my family and friends closer, to make the time to connect.

Carolyn’s passing has taught me that first hand…it’s the people in our lives that make it worth living. And I want more people in my life.

“…another step deeper into darkness, closer to the light” – bruce cockburn