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Birthday Bliss

My birthday was September 11, hard to believe I just turned 58! I really never thought I would get to be this old.

After many years of not much ‘fun’ for birthdays, this year I really wanted to have some out-of-the-ordinary fun..for me at least. Thankfully I felt good and much of my energy had returned after the months long cough issues.

We started the day going out to Ferndale, coastal farming town for the town-wide yard sale. It was a sunny pleasant day and we wandered, didn’t really find any ‘great flea market finds’ but had a nice time looking.

We did stroll into Abraxas, and a pair of leather boots caught my eye. Ok so your thinking, ‘Oh she likes shoes’, well only in that having ones that fit and are comfortable are hard for me to find. I am a hard foot to fit, always have been and I have been looking for years (yes years) for a pair of flat, leather, booties that are comfortable..and ta da!

I wore these shoes a week later to town for an all day shopping errand day, and felt like I was walking on a cloud. I just love them! And it is a big deal to me, as my other booties are 15 years old and worn out, and the only other shoes that I can even wear are SAS, which are really ugly.

Then we had great pancakes at the Main Street Cafe and then headed to Eureka for a few errands. We drove home through the redwoods along the Avenue of the Giants and stopped for awhile in Founders Grove communing with some big trees.

Then it was on to the Briceland Volunteer Fire Department BBQ & Boogie at Beginnings.

This was an event to raise money for our watersheds local fire department, these are the friends and neighbors who will show up at your place if you have a fire, and it’s all volunteer. So many generations of friends and neighbors were there, good music, good food and more than anything boogie-ing with our neighbors. It was really fun.

So all in all that was one of the best birthdays I have had in a long time. And it was also especially nice in that it was the only ‘summer fun’ I had since I felt better from the ‘cough’.


Tomorrow is My Birthday

Last year I turned 50. It was a liberating birthday, although a bit subdued because of the first anniversary of 911. I had had higher hopes for this one. I am not one who makes a big deal out of birthdays or holidays, but do like a small token of rememberence.

The week started off with a hurried trip to San Fransisco, for a medical test for my Russel. We don’t know anything yet, so stress is a bit high to say the least. And that pall over shadows everything right now. Until we know what we are dealing with i am not going to divulge any more details.

But today was a good day. Last night i took some Ativan (sleep aid my husband got last week from his doctor)… and lo and behold I SLEPT all night. I feel rested for the first time in months.
I walked with Helen, my 75 year old neighbor and close friend. Then I went out and finally bought a pair of boots to replace my 15 year HiTecs… I got black New Balance..pic coming.
Time will tell if they fit well with my funny feet.(NOT)

I decided to make southwestern sytle corn bread and a minnestroni stew for dinner. Not one of R’s favorites but i like it, and i was the one cooking. It turned out good.

Then a knock on the door.. and my neighbor Ian has brought over a blueberry/strawberry pie and whipped cream! yummmmm!! , from his mother Linda … And what a surprise! An early birthday remembering… warms the heart, ya know?

Tomorrow we go to Eureka for the day, hope to catch a good movie. Then we meet up with friends Charlie & Cristin for sushi dinner at Tomo’s in Arcata. That will be way fun. More about that tomorrow.

And last night a cyber-friend, Suzanne, called to wish us well. That was really special and made me feel loved. Thanks Suzanne.