Reggae (ROTR) is upon us again!

Last year I talked about 2003 Reggae on the River after the fact.

It seems like every year it gets longer, this year the ‘real’ music starts at Noon on Friday, instead of 4pm. So? That means vendors, especially food vendors should be up and running by Noon Friday….BUT.. from Friday morn at 6am-till Noon is the ‘Crunch” time when all the ticket holders who want to camp on the river bar flood the gates to get a good spot.

Building a city in the middle of no where is a lot of work for sure. This event pays a lot of non-prophets yearly budget to operate.

Town of Garberville mostly, and Redway, are flooded with people today and tomorrow, it’s a zoo out there. When 15000 people descend upon our little world! It’s sort of fun to watch, but I don’t like being out there as much as I used too.

Reggae is attracting a different crowd than in the early years (this is year 21). Of course there still are plenty of hippies, but also these other beings college kids, because they have the money, who don’t really practice peace-love-irie vibes…but come to drink a lot of beer and smoke a lot and be obnoxious. Kind of ruins it to have a bunch of them near you under the parachute, or any where really. And they smoke cigarettes more than ever before.

Ok, enough bitching, I will go, on Friday this time for some good roots music, and probably miss most of Saturday with its putrid hip hop, and then mellow with the sunday roots … more later …maybe better pictures this year too!