Lots of Little Things

Today is Russel and my anniversary, have i mentioned him yet? We have been married 8 years and living together for 12.
I got really lucky when I found him, or we found each other, however you like to look at those things. I met him when i was 42, i had never been married or had any kids, and didn’t really think that would ever be part of my life.
He is kind, considerate, funny, compassionate, generous, truthful, honest, loving, caring and committed…..and a 3rd degree (Sandan) in Aikido. More on that later.
We are happy, content, and going the long distance.

Soon we will leave for brunch at the Woodrose Cafe, the best breakfast place ever.

In other news:

I am still trying to learn how to use Canon G3 with no flash in a small club venue. I hope i get at least a couple of decent shots. I also hope having the camera doesn’t distract me too much from enjoying Bruce Cockburn (in 2 days at the Mystic!).

So i am gearing up for Bruce Cockburn, and Russel is gearing up for Reggae on the River in a whole different way, because the Aikido school does a food booth there selling burritos. (This was before the reggae wars and the split- again too bad all the old archives are gone!)
I will make a long post soon about Reggae, several actually as it is one huge event, 3 days of music and a mini-city built onsite. It is exhausting to work and play there.