Julie Wolf at the Mateel

Ok, for those of you who may not remember all the Bruce Cockburn details, a couple of years ago now, he played here at our local Mateel Community Center with Julie Wolf.

Julie is an extraordinary musician, keyboardist, singer, player.
We met at that show and just had some fun, it was good.

Well, this year, when Bruce went into the studio to record, Julie went with him. How cool is that?!

Any way last night Russel was checking email and asked, “Do you know someone named Julie Wolf?” I’m thinking, yea I do, don’t delete!

And there she was in my in box offering comp tickets to a show she is doing with Shana Morrison (Van Morrisons’ daughter) at our Mateel Community Center this Friday, 17 March 2006.

This will be so fun to see her and hear her play. The simple fact that she remembered me enough to be able to email me is just too sweet. This woman is on the road playing with incredible people all the time. And recording her own amazing stuff.

And yes the Bruce connection is strong, I mean, that is what connected us in the first place.

I have asked her for a short interview to do later about the making of the new album with Bruce and band for the CockburnProject.
It will be great to get the insiders look at the process, and the band members are all upper crust high end musicians.

Now I just need to get the energy up to take these older bones out at night! Living in the hills is causing me to become even more reclusive, to go out even less than before, and unless it was Bruce or reggae, I never seemed to make it. This time I will. A lovely person has asked and I will go. Russel was planning on it, but it looks like he may have another commitment.