Bruce Cockburn at the Mystic-2003

Back from the Mystic

There is a lot to tell about our trip to Petaluma to see Bruce Cockburn at the Mystic. I have focused all my energy so far on updating the front page of the CockburnProject, (this story is now
here ) with the last few gigs. I am going to write out a full report on this show from my personal point of view very soon. But this part explains the following photo:

‘A little bit later, Bruce comes walking by, right next to us and I just say “Hi Bruce”. He comes to our table and we chat a bit, my husband says I work for the CockburnProject, and Bruce responds that he ‘now has a face to go with that.’ We talk about what the Project does, and he mentioned that Julie Wolf, keyboard player, downloaded the song lyrics she needed to learn for the tour from the CockburnProject. I asked a favor, for him to sign an autograph on a picture that was taken of us in the late ’80s. It was sort of odd, us both looking at a 15 year old picture of ourselves, we commented on how we had changed, and Bruce was trying to recall when he was wearing ‘that coat’. Then he needed to go get ready for sound check. He is always so gracious and kind. There never seems to be the words to express how much he and his work mean to me, perhaps that is why I work so hard on the Project, it is my way of saying thanks.’

Taken in ’88 or ’89 at the Luther Burbank Center:

Bruce Cockburn and Bobbi Wisby at Luther Burbank Center late 80's autographed in 2003

More photos from the Mystic Show:

Bruce Cockburn 2003 Petaluma Ca
Bruce Cockburn 2003 Petaluma Ca

I have lots of stories to tell and photos to put up..but time is short and
Reggae on the River is upon us here in southern Humboldt County… gotta go, be back Monday!

Here is a link to the setlist of this show. And this is a link to Bruce at the Mystic part2.


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  1. admin Post author

    Thanks Bobbi,
    Been a fan Bruce’s music since ’78. Your hard
    work keeps me up to date. Especially tour updates
    which result in scoring good seats for current tours. – Dennis Coldwell

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