More Julie Wolf at the Mateel

I can gush a bit more here than I can over at the where I just updated the front page.

So gush I will..

Julie Wolf at Mateel Community Center

What can I say about her — she is a beautiful light, she is funny, honest, real and present. She does not make me feel uncomfortable, quite the opposite, I feel so relaxed around her. It’s a heart thing I guess. She gives (and gets) great hugs. I would love to get to know her. In her busy life, don’t know if there is time or room for that, but I hope so.

And she stole the show! The Mateel was buzzing with “Hey, I’ve seen her before, she is awesome! Wasn’t she here with Bruce Cockburn? Didn’t she used to play with Ani deFranco? She is so beautiful. She is so hot! ” You get the drift.

I hope she tours with Bruce and band later in the year. I really hope they play here at the Mateel Community Center.
I hope I get the chance to see her again. I hope we email each other.

Ok, done gushing now.