It is Fall

Well, I am spending more and more time at my house in the hills. This little town house has has just become a stop over place, with the exception of my computer and refrigerator and maybe more than one tv station, I don’t miss it.

We brought, Kaya, our cat who we love, out last week. I feel she feels a captive as we won’t let her out of the house until we know she won’t run off and try to come back to town. She is handling it all very well, I could do with out the litterbox. Although I found a recyled newspaper litter that works great.

I have some ‘buggy’ pictures, but no time to work them up to post here or at my gallery, maybe next time in town.

Getting a good solar/battery power system together for the computer and lights and all is a high priority, I hope we can swing that this year. I really want to take my new computer out there with me, I may never come to town again!

I am turning off ‘comments’ on this blog for now 🙁
Spammers!! I am not here (in town) enough (like every day) to update MTBlacklist, and keep the spammers away. Last weekend I had 50 or so to deal with. (I know that isn’t much compared to many bloggers, but it took computer time that I would of rather used in other ways.) Any way if any one wants to ‘talk to me’ feel free to email me, I am sure you can figure that out!

That’s it for now, gotta go pack up all the laundry and food and ice and stuff and head out. Out to the sunny high top of the ridge wind blowing through the trees silence except for the birds and ravens ..we have a flock of wild pigeons!