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Winged Vehicle in Redway

Wednesday - 29 October 2003

On our way through Redway yesterday to take Carol out to our house, we saw this:   And then one of my favorite people (Joellen) appeared. So I got a shot of Joellen Clark-Peterson (KMUD news person) and the owner of the winged vehicle. Some times you just need to stop….and serendipity happens.


Tuesday - 23 September 2003

Garberville and all of Southern Humboldt is covered in smoke from the Canoe fire burning on the north coast/King Range/Honeydew area. This is from CDF’s web site: “Inaccessibility continues to hamper containment efforts along with hot dry weather on the Canoe fire. Fire intensity increased in the late afternoon and evening yesterday expanding the fire […]

Catching Cactus

Wednesday - 10 September 2003

I mentioned these wonderful cactus displays I saw at the Garberville Farmers Market in this entry. CATCHING CACTUS & SUCCULENTS 5588 Kneeland Rd. Kneeland, CA 95549-9018

Whittemore Grove

Sunday - 31 August 2003

Whittemore Grove borders the Eel River, and we drive through it daily to go to our land. It is an integral part of our landscape here in Southern Humboldt. A big thanks to Stable Slopes Forever, for working to keep these trees protected. So often in our busy lives and hurry to and fro we […]

SoHum Happenings

Saturday - 30 August 2003

Road Spam Recently while driving out to our land I spotted about a 25′ long piece of road spam. This is just the top portion of it: The writing was in reference to a missing person here in Southern Humboldt county who is a very active pot activist, and Prop 215 (medical marijuana) advocate. He […]

Reggae on the River 2003

Tuesday - 12 August 2003

I spent a bit of time validating all my templates and tweaking the new background color. Was ready to upload some reggae pictures when I realized none were very good at ‘capturing’ what reggae was all about, so they will have to wait until i have my photoblog up. [edited to add: Kim Sallaway Photo […]

Photo Teasers

Wednesday - 23 July 2003

Time I have no time! Here’s a teaser from the Harley Run (Redwood Run). I have more, but they will have to wait until i get the photoblog happening. On a visit one night this dandelion called to me. Shot with the Canon G3, macro w/flash. This image is actually 150% which usually destroys by […]


Friday - 18 July 2003

Yesterday we spent the day in Eureka, it is 60 miles north of here, the largest town around. It’s where the mall is, costco and most shopping is done. I don’t usually enjoy being there, it’s on the coast, generally it is cold and foggy, and smelly, with pulp mill toxic spewing and low tide. […]